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  1. and yet for those who were raised in Christian homes, whose families knew not all this coming to light in these last few years, and who thus raised their families the same, it poses a problem due to the fact their families (kids & grandkids) still observe it and one can end up caught in the middle. My late wife and I were raised with Christmas and Easter and thus raised our families with it. In the last few years we too came to understand that the RC church of what my wife was raised in/ part of , til she grew disillusioned and sought Christ in her own journey, had morphed paganism into a new form with a so called Christian veneer. I will admit our kids at this point are not serving Jesus, are grappling with their own search for faith, and thus still celebrate this with the grandkids. As I posted in the posts upon my wife’s passing, I’d come to understand that Jesus wasn’t condemning her for observance as He knew she realised that in our own lives we’d taken our journey over a number of years, to arrive at the place we are / were at her passing. She and I felt that to cultivate and maintain our relations with the family we’d make plain that we didn’t agree with the meaning of Christmas as we’d come to understand it but would treat it like thanksgiving, an opportunity to be together as a family and share a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. We wanted to keep channels of relations and communication open not “thump them with bible truth” thus alienating them. Remember even when Thomas doubted Jesus showed up and didn’t condemn him, but rather provided him with proof in love, that he needed to believe. 1 Corinthians 13 tells us that love hopes all things, believes the best of others, and because God is Love expressing that love to others shows that we’re walking in His light giving His love as J Rufus Moseley so aptly shared in “Manifest Victory” to everyone. We ask Him to by His Spirit of Love, operating through us, to draw them unto Himself. I believe Manifest Victory should be mandatory reading for all believers.


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