Christian Zionism: The Scofield Bible LIE That Led US Evangelicals To War & Ruin!

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  1. I don’t like the Scofield bible. The main reason is because after J N Darby went to the 15 yr old Scottish medium, and came back with the doctrine of pretrib rapture (that had never existed in the entire 1826 years previously in the ekklesia of believers, and because it sounds very good, (hey who wouldn’t want a guarantee of avoiding any tribulation) it spread til Scofield picked it up and then it accelerated with rapid speed til most of the churches had bought it.
    As to the whole Palestinian question, I would advise you to prayerfully seek YHWH. You see, He predicted He’d bring back the Jews that He’d allowed to be scattered. YHWH has declared that Jerusalem is His capital (quick reminder: Yeshua is not coming back to L A, to DC, to Taipei, nor Mecca. He’s coming back to Jerusalem. Paul teaches wrote that they would be scattered because YHWH had allowed a blindness in part to come on them. He said that if the scattering of them is the salvation brought to the Gentiles, then what would their acceptance of their Messiah be? One thing scripture makes clear is that when the Jews are scattered they’re the blessing of the whole world. You look at how many Muslims for instance , have won Nobel Prizes. (2) – they won for poetry. On the other hand Jews have won 530 or so, and in every scientific field. Now the scripture says also, that not all Jews are “in the Vine” or will be. There are those who are of the synagogue of Satan, and we know today that many with Jewish names / heritage do serve Heylel ben Shachar aka Satan – for instance, Rothschilds. Goldmans, Sachs’, Warburgs, Rockefellers, etc. Remember the scriptural record – YHWH says He always preserves a remanant – case in point – Elijah wins a mighty showdown against Jezebel’s propheets of Ba’al, then kills them all. Next thing you know he’s running and hiding from her wrath.He complains to YWHW that “I, only I, am left serving You” and the rude awakening YHWH gives him, “I have 7000 who have not bowed the knee to Ba’al”.
    Political Zionism, which is a secular version of YHWH’s Zion(ism) aka Tsiyon(ism) is NOT His perfect will. He wants everyone, not only Jews, to come to His Tsiyon, and one day they all will. But just as He speaks of Cyrus in Isaiah 45 (200 years before Cyrus conquers Babylon in the mene mene tekel parsin night), He says “I AM YHWH, and there is none else, no Elohim, except Me. I will clothe you, though you do not know Me, that they may know from the rising of the sun, to its going down, there is none beside Me, I AM YHWH and there is none else…I raised him up in righteousness, and have made straight all his ways. He shall build My city and he will release My captives, not for price, not for reward, says YHWH of hosts.”.
    So to recap He chose Cyrus, even when he didn’t serve or know YHWH
    200 years before Cyrus would be used to release the Jews back to Jerusalem. Look at the last verse of the preceding chapter (Isa. 44) “He (YHWH) says to Cyrus, you are My shepherd and you shall complete all my pleasure …”.
    So I look at world events and see fulfillment of prophecy (in 1947/48 when a nation was born in a day, after its peoples were brought back from all the corners of the earth), and ALTHO THE FREEMASONS / ILLUMINATI etc brought it about in fulfillment of Albert Pike’s “vision”, El Elyon (the Most High God) permitted it to fulfill His will. (unknown of course to the elites and Illuminait /Freemasons, Rothschilds etc)

  2. besides not replying to my concerns about your safety at your UouTube etc, after the earthquake, it seems I am on the ignore list bro. Is there a prob you haven’t told me about?

    1. Hey brother!! Sorry I have been off wordpress a lot recently! I’m here, finally checking in, will hopefully this week have more time to work on blogging rather than just reblogging… I’m probobly spending too much time on Facebook, darn that evil platform! We gotta get more people outta that slum and onto these private personal sites. Anyway your’e not on any ignore list! I am as of now going to be here more often, and looking forward to collaborating more!

      1. One reason I quite FB after only a few months was I found it too annoying, and intrusive. I was constantly getting notifications, people also would misinterpret something I posted, and it would be a hassle. I got to the point I said who needs this aggro? That was in 2010 and FB has since become much more intrusive, more evil, and more skewed against Christians, the right, and libertarians.

  3. You got that right. By the way I apologise for jumping to conclusions – not only about you but about Ian Clayton. I thought he was in a cult TFI or something, but when I checked out your spreaker interview with him I was duly impressed. I have since referred him to several others who also found him very inspiring. Next time you talk to him. tell him he has people in Canada whom he blest with his insights.


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