Christmas Spirit Wars Live with Douglas Dietrich and Family!

Join us LIVE NOW!!  Also joining us are Ginny Brooks and Laura Lee Solomon!
Douglas’s Awesome Facebook Post on this show:
THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN EITHER SIDE ‘O’ THE PACIFIC CALLS-IN THE SPIRIT-‘O’-CHRISTMAS THIS Stdy 122516 (Saturday, December 25th, 2016) MORN Ô’‘ēr “SPIRIT WARS (LISTEN LIVE @ <…/spiritwars-christmas-bash-with-d…> NOW !; Schedule[d] ‘Cross The Ænglish-Speaking World w / in Text Below),” WHEN AND WHERE SPECIAL EXPERT-GUEST DOUGLAS DUANE DIETRICH (Visit <WWW.DDDIETRICH.COM>) AND THE MA DAME EXECUTRIX-PRODUCER LAURALEE ŠOLŌMŌN – REVOLUTION RADIO (<WWW.FREEDOMSLIPS.COM>) Hostess, Late-Friday Night(s) Into Early Saturday Morning(s) on “PATHS OF THE GREAT ADVENTURE (Prógramme Description @ <>; Broadcasting Ô’‘ēr Senior Studio A Into Every Weekend @ 02:00 AM Eastern [Time] & 11:00 PM Pacific)” and Sunday(s), Afternoon(s) Into Evening(s), on “CHARTING YOUR COURSE (Broadcasting Ô’‘ēr Studio B @ 06:00 PM Eastern [Time] & 03:00 PM Pacific via )” – DISCOURSE w / THE YOUNG ROGUE CHRISTIANS’ HOST MICHÆL BASHAM (Visit <>) ‘O’ THE BASHAM REPORT (Visit <>), RESIDENT ONSITE THE Д‘ТРĂЦК’c (“D‘TRĂCK’s [‘DIETRICH’s,’ or ‘DRAGON’s’]”) OWN BIRTHPLACE : 新中國人臺北市 (“XĪN-ƵCHUṐNGGkGHUÓUÁRÉN TÁĪPBĚĪH-SHÌ [‘NEW CHINESE TÁĪPBĚĪH CITY’]”), CAPITOL ‘O’ THE ‘Д’c (“D’s”) TRUE HOMELAND AND HEARTLAND 民族主義者的中華民國在臺灣一個百島 (“MÍNƵÚ-ƵHǓYÌ ƵHĚ-DÍ ƵCHUṐNGGkGHUÓUÁ-MÍNGkGHUÓUÁ ƵÀI TÁIWĀN YĪ GÈ BǍI DǍO [‘REPÚBLICA DA CHINA DOS NATIONALIASTS, A EM UM CEM ISLHLAS DE FORMOSA;’ or THE ‘NATIONALISTS’ REPUBLIC OF CHINA ON THE ONE HUNDRED ISLANDS OF TÁIWĀN’];” est[ablished] 1911)

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