Civil War Coming to the Church in America

August 31, 2013 10:13 am By

Neville Johnson

Three prophetic Christian ministers are claiming difficult days are ahead for the church in America as a major civil war is coming. These warnings have come from Neville Johnson and Bob Jones, while Bobby Conner sees a radical Christian revolution coming.

Prophetic minister Neville Johnson says the war will be waged in every available media format including the Internet, magazines, Facebook, Twitter, etc. He claims, “It is going to be very vicious. It is going to center around moving in the realm of the spirit.”

He sees great criticism coming upon anyone who claims to see angels, or see the Lord, or visit heaven, or talk to people who are in heaven. The Lord said to Neville Johnson, “I am taking my church through the supernatural veil, and those who don’t follow, or don’t want it, or stand against it will be left behind.”

This war will be a reflection of civil war that is coming to the United States. He says, “This nation is going to see civil war for a period of time.” In the end, he claims there will be a purer church that will go on into the things of God and the church will become the spotless church of the last days as prophesied by the Apostle Paul, “That He might present to Himself the church in all her glory, having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing; but that she would be holy and blameless.” (Ephesians 5:27)



Prophetic minister Bob Jones has also seen a civil war coming to the church in America. In his 2012 presentation of his annual Shepherds Rod message, he said:

“America is being called to come into a union. There is coming a civil war in the church. And each and every one of you is going to have a civil war inside of you. It is going to be the gray matter, the rebel, against the blue, the revelation of the son of Heaven.”

“So the Civil War is getting ready to start and the gray has to surrender to the blue because with the gray matter, when you think you have a thing figured out, you don’t. You can only faith it out, and you only faith it out right down here in your spirit. Faith is coming forth. Every one of you is going to have a civil war within you. You are going to have to determine, am I going to figure it out? Well I am telling you, you are not.”

“Should I buy gold? Should I buy silver? Should I buy food? That is all gray matter. It is not going to work. But when you pray and you hear something in your spirit, do that. That is going to work.”

Prophetic minister Bobby Conner, founder of Eagles View Ministries, sees Christianity in America is about to be redefined as the church breaks out of paralyzing passivity and complacency and is transformed by a radical revolution in 2013. He describes a church being totally transformed as their focus shifts from themselves to God and they begin to allow God to do what He wants to do in their meetings. For more details on Bobby Conner’s vision for the church in America, see my previous blog post: Radical Christian Revolution Coming in 2013.

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