Complete Douglas Dietrich SpiritWars Transmissions To Date



Due to the lack of time for quality editing and the sheer amount of intel Douglas has shared on my new show “SpiritWars” with the Fringe Radio Network, many have contacted both Douglas and I about the difficulty in navigating our collaborations.

Here is the full list of both Youtubes and Spreaker sessions we have on the Internet as of now, with the exception of one of the Antarctica Prologues that has yet to be uploaded for the sake of some language editing (the Fringe Radio Network has a “Clean Rating” on iTunes so that episode was removed).  This also excludes the several times I myself had the great honor of appearing on both Douglas’s show and the one time I was on Laura Lee Solomon’s show “Paths to the Great Adventure.”  Well it’s been quite an adventure with these folks and the info has been eye opening to say the least!  I have great hopes to continue to interview Mr. Dietrich and bring his unique perspective to the ears of intellectually awakened individuals on the Internets in the near future.  May God bless all who take the time to go through this heavy course into history and the alternative viewpoints brought forth here.  One thing’s for certain, it ain’t for sissies!

This was our first-ever show last year.

Douglas offers a very unique and integral exposition on the Christmas Story (MP3 HERE)



**Antarctica Prologue Part 1 Google Drive Link (Not yet on Fringe as it must be edited for language due to iTunes policy.)

Prologue to Antarctica Part 2 on Spreaker only!

Prologue to Antarctica Part 3 on Spreaker only!

Prologue to Antarctica Part 4 on Spreaker only!

Prologue to Antarctica Part 5 MP3 (Youtube link posted above)

Prologue to Antarctica Part 6 on Spreaker only!

Prologue to Antarctica Part 7 youtube above and MP3 here

Prologue to Antarctica Part 8 above and. . .

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