I WAS ASKING THE LORD THE OTHER DAY WHY WE HADN’T HAD ANYMORE OUTSTANDING REVELATIONS RECENTLY—AND I GOT A RATHER STRANGE ANSWER: First thing He said was that it was because of unbelief—that even some of your leaders had had a little difficulty in believing some of the last ones He had given. Therefore “He did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief”! When Israel stopped listening to God and ceased believing what He had to say and quit doing what He commanded, God just stopped talking to them for nearly three hundred years between the Testaments! God does not like to talk to either deaf, unbelieving, or unheeding ears! So He just shuts up!

12. THE NEXT THING THE LORD SAID WAS A REBUKE TO ME, because He said, Why should He give anymore when we had not yet given you even the last one He gave us? It has been so many weeks since He gave it and we’ve been so busy tending tables, trying to help you get organised and solve your problems‚ that we almost forgot about one of the most amazing revelations we have yet received regarding a definite time prophecy which God gave us which actually startled us at the time!

13. I AM NOW CONVICTED ABOUT IT, AND SO MUST GET IT OFF MY CHEST before going further and getting involved in the book. It all began with the recent monumental, multi-million dollar extravaganza celebration by the Shah of Iran of the 2500th Anniversary of the founding of the Persian Empire near Tehran. You probably saw some of it on TV or in the papers or magazines. It was probably the most extravagant commemoration of any event in the history of the world, certainly the biggest of anything like it in modern times! About fifty kings and queens and heads of state, the largest assembly of royalty and world leaders ever to be convened in the history of the world, gathered at the historic site of the tomb of Cyrus, founder of the Persian Empire, to celebrate with lavish banquets and colossal parades and dramas illustrating its history. All news media proclaimed it for days on end as the greatest gala of modern times, if not in all history!

14. FROM THE MOMENT I FIRST HEARD ABOUT IT I HAD THAT EERIE FEELING, that witness of the Spirit, that there was something very important and significant about it, relating not only to the history of the world, but these End Times. Finally, while looking at some beautiful pictures in a magazine of this colourful display with some of your leaders, I suddenly got the Scripture from Daniel 4: “seven times shall pass over thee!”—But the Holy Spirit added these words: “Until the times of the Gentiles shall be fulfilled!”

15. IMMEDIATELY THE HOLY SPIRIT BURST FORTH IN TONGUES AND INTERPRETATION, a confirmation of something He had just brought to my mind: “Even so hath it been done unto the Gentiles wherein I have spoken by My prophets. The Days of the Gentiles shall come to an end and then I shall be glorified in thee! In the volume of the Book it is written. All these things shall come to pass even as I have spoken.”

16. EXCITEDLY I GRABBED MY PEN AND BEGAN TO FIGURE WHAT THE LORD WAS SHOWING ME: That in Daniel, the word “times” meant “years”, and that in His prophecy of the ninth chapter, each day represented a year, and that the reign of Nebucchadnezzar actually signified the beginning of the times of the Gentiles, with the Fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C., the end of the Jews as a nation, a people, and a power, until the present day.

17. THEREFORE, THE TIMES OF THE GENTILES WOULD BEGIN WITH 586 B.C., and if seven times of years were to pass until the Times of the Gentiles be fulfilled, seven years of years would be seven times 365, which equals exactly 2555 years! Now the most exciting part: If you will subtract with your pen or pencil right now the 586 years before Christ from the 2555 years‚ you will find that according to this figuring of this prophecy which God Himself confirmed by the Spirit,—The Times of the Gentiles ended in the Year of Our Lord 1969!—The very year that God’s New Latter Day Jews arose in a world-wide spiritual Revolution to claim the Kingdom of God in these Last Days! Hallelujah! Outta sight‚ Man!—But I hope you can see it. This was the very year, that God had previously confirmed by His Spirit, that had been the beginning of our own personal modern day ministry as a New Nation of Spiritual Israel. (At this point, MO bursts forth in tongues and weeping, and the Spirit gave this confirming interpretation!)—”Even so is this saying fulfilled in your ears, as it has been spoken unto My Servant David!” Praise the Lord!

18. YOU WILL FIND THAT THE APOSTLE PAUL ALSO SPEAKS OF THIS TIMES OF THE GENTILES in Romans 11:25 and 26‚ where he says “that blindness in part is happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in. And so (in the original Greek the word here means “then”) all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob: For this is My Covenant unto them when I shall take, away their sins.” Could this Israel he is speaking of here be you modern-day Children of God, and this Deliverer symbolic of your leadership? And could it be that this Covenant has something to do with the Holy Covenant of Daniel 9:27‚ which the Anti-Christ will confirm for seven years before breaking it in the midst of the seven, followed by the Tribulation? Could this Covenant have something to do with us and our final ministry? I believe it does! I feel it in the Spirit! Perhaps our Brother Joel can work out the details, or already has, with his knowledge of the Word! Praise God!

19. WELL‚ THERE IT IS, AS I RECEIVED IT FROM THE LORD, AND YOU CAN TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, whichever you prefer! But you’d better believe it, because I know it was the Lord, and He has just confirmed it again by His Spirit! Wow!—What a Spirit! What a wonderful Lord! How great are His mercies and how wonderful His revelations! Praise His Holy Name for ever! Thank You, Jesus! Well, there’s your Christmas present!—And may it bring you a very Happy New Year, as you forge on to fulfill it! May God be with you! Like a mighty Army move the Children of God! Hallelujah!

20. LAST YEAR WHEN I WAS ASKING THE LORD “WHAT SHALL BE THE DAYS OF MY YEARS?”—He tapped out three sevens, or a total of 21. If this applies to the length of our ministry or the years of the Revolution, it would begin in 1969 and end in 1990 or 91. Jeane Dixon has predicted in her latest book that the Anti-Christ would arise and take control somewhere about 1985. If this would be about the first of that year‚ then it would give him about seven years to the end of 1991, give or take a year here or there either way! It works out a little too close for comfort, as the possible beginning of his reign and the end of it, with the end of the Tribulation and the Coming of Christ somewhere in that time area! Hallelujah! God’s Will be done! He knows the times!

21. SO ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, IT’S GETTING CLOSE, AND THE TIME OF THE END DRAWETH NEAR! So keep your lamps brightly burning, Beloved!—You haven’t got much time left to work—And your time may even be closer than that, if God should see fit to make that great final witness out of you known as a martyr in some day soon to come! Hallelujah! Sudden death is sudden glory! Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints!—Their works do follow them! Amen!

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