Cool prophecy

“fret not! None of these things shall befall you, which your enemies all accuse you of day in and day out! You will stand strong, and tall and mighty in the power of My keys! The key power I give you is strong– stronger than anything the enemy has ever cooked up. So stand on that power. Continue to grasp the power of the keys in all your actions, and all your ways… make it a part of the fiber of your being. These Words I speak to you are deep Swords that cut you to the heart and heal any wounds there! The glory of a man is to overlook an offense- and look how I did that — even to the point of death on the cross! Allow that for a time, and let Me work. You focus on the ‘ethereal’ the ‘spiritual’ and the ‘hazy’ (in the eyes of the world) for these are your life and your salvation! You have so much there waiting for you, coming to get you! She’s in love with you, she wants you and she will have you up there. . . in the Spirit! She? she’s the Wild Wind!”

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