Crazy, Awesome Dream + Miracle This Morning

Just woke up, still thrilled.  I was outside looking at the sky, and a friend of mine was out there too but somehow  ended up missing this:  a gigantic ship the size of several sky scrapers floated by, during the night over this hotel I was staying at with my family and friends.  I yelled out “WOO HOOOOO!  LOOK AT THIS!!!!”  and then a part of the ship broke off from the rest and there was an explosion, like some kind of battle in the air.  However, it appeared I was alone because the next thing I knew this smaller piece of the ship flew down and started attacking stuff — namely me.  I could hear the pilot laughing over teh intercom at me and he started firing at me.  I had to take cover behind pillars of the hotel.  It seemed no one else was around, and this ship’s maniacal captain was just bent on killing me.
I had no way to fight back right then, so all I could do was run.  It had legs now, and could walk around and fire lazer cannons at me.  I barely found enough cover to escape.  I ran to a bog, or marsh in a large garden behind the hotel and the ship followed me there.  I then realized it was becoming something else.  The captain came out and turned into a pirate, and started to attack me.  I ran as fast as I could and somehow managed to evade him each time he attacked.
This went on for at least an hour, with the alien captain becoming different beings and creatures, and absolutely obsessed with killing me, but each time I barely managed to evade him and it was even becoming a thrill to just get away. The assault by this alien guy was so tough that I could barely think of anything but finding cover, and this was a huge challenge, but then I managed to pull out a notepad and write down several spirit helper names, and key craft names:   ARCOTHON, ARMINA, ILLUMINUS, PHOENIX, NAIOTH. .  .  And I wondered why they were not doing their job quicker of destroying the ship that was terorrizing the night sky.
There were times of rest when I was able to run into  the hotel, and tell my parents and family and friends, and they were amazed at all that was happening, but then again they also started to doubt whether or not it was real.
Thus, I had to go out and after finally winning the match against this guy, had him sign some documents that proved who he was.  One of them was the name of a famous pirate, one was I guess whatever alien species he was, and also several other identities which he had morphed into and tried to kill me in.   For some reason I had beaten him just by evading him, and the game was over.
I woke up feeling like TinTin, in that new movie.  There was so much drama and action piled into each segment of this dream, and it seemed very fantastical but also exciting and thrilling to somehow be winning against this other worldly foe!
Then, this morning after waking up, I was looking out the window and I could see the floaters in my eyes way too clearly, and I was reading something about Healing.  I asked teh Lord to heal my eyes and immediately the vision cleared up!  This was not a dream!  I really saw the disappear!  Now I can barely even find where they were (before I had them piling up in my vision in both eyes!)   So believe in Miracles!

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