Cuban UNESCO delegate shuts down Israeli politicised whining by turning tables on them

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  1. I’m sorry to have to differ with you , but I wouldn’t ascribe any kudos to the Cuban delegate. Cuba isn’t known for its great human rights track record and thus has no biz like say, N Korea, to be pontificating on any other nation. I have sympathy in the Messiah’s name for Palestinians but I’m not pro Palestinian. Their ancestors were stupid enough to listen to the surrounding Arab countries (their “brothers in Islam”) at the time of the birth of Israel, left the country so supposedly their brothers would have a free hand to exterminate Jews and eradicate them from the land. Then they would supposedly go back. They could’ve stayed and been partners in a new venture – as scripture says the land that was laid waste, desert, and unprofitable was turned by the Israelis into a productive, fruitful. blooming land. As well, today, Israel is at the forefront of tech in every sphere, such as medical, security, etc.
    I have interacted with Palestinians here in Canada in my taxi. I was told by one who moved to Canada from Israel, but had before that moved from Palestine to Israel, that he came here to avoid the constant threat his “brothers” posed in their constant attacking of Israel in various ways. Aside from that he had nothing but good to say about Israel, where he told me he was treated just like any other citizen, no discrimination, with one thing in mind, he didn’t engage in any attacks, terrorism, or pose any threat to Israel or its citizens.
    I pray that as the Spirit of YHWH moves amongst the Muslims today, ( at last count I’d heard about 6 million a year are turning to Yeshua), that possibly enough of them will rise up and give Hamas, the PLO, and Hisb’ allah the boot.


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