Cutting the Cord with 3 Culty Cults!

Buh Bye Red Lettah Mini Cult
1.Buh Bye Brandy Boy Barthrop and Lil Red Mini Cult!
2. And here’s us saying goodbye to a little Christian Podcaster’s ASSociation!  Cult!  I don’t like it when people mess with my friends. . .
3. We’ve already cut ties with TFI as a group that exists to this day that turns a blind eye to blatant abuses going on inside, but now even many of the Ex-Members are forming little cults in their bitterness.   I have continued to interview former members who are going strong for God, like Sharon Rogles and Gabe Iowa, but do not consider myself a part of any of their little clubs that are ALSO covering up abuse.
That being said, we are forming a real solid trust of loyal followers of Jesus and those who really do the right thing and are identified as the Bride of Christ, that’s about the only club I belong to now!   It’s The New Jerusalem, babayyy!!!

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    1. Hey brother! I’ll catch up on your emails soon, lots going on here but using every spare moment to keep posting, often while walking through the city, ha. I’ll probobly do a show based off your emails soon, it’s very valuable material!


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