David Flynn on 2012 and Interpretation Vision!

Last night I spent about 4 hours listening to David Flynn’s lectures on Youtube about 2012.  He mentioned the Fallen Angels and ruling principalities of this world losing their position soon, when the Lord returns to judge the whole earth.  I thought, “man this guy has done his homework extremely well, but how could we explain what he’s talking about to the average human?”

Right then a vision popped in my head.  I saw a tree – the fruit on the tree was the evil demonic beings ruling the world from above the earth.  I guess it also represented the government of creation.  The fruit became rotten, and fell to the Earth.  Then, any who were lowly and humble and who chose to come through Jesus (who was the Trunk) passed up through the trunk of the tree and became the new fruit, simply inheriting the roles and places of authority that had previously been held by the evil entities.

 Is that time going to start in 2012?  Listen to David Flynn and find out for yourself!

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