Debbie Wasserman weasles out of criminal indictment! Lawyers get NO protection after several political murders

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  1. Yes that’s correct. Corrupt almost beyond comprehension. These servants of Satan, being part of the Illuminati / globalist cabal, are shielded because those same elites control the media, educational system, and the shadow government BECAUSE as my nanna used to tell us, “the borrower is servant to the lender” – and Yeshua added until the last penny is paid the debtor is totally at the control and mercy (or lack of) of the creditor. Now as I’ve stated in my blog and other places many times, every government is that of a corporation providing services. There has been no Article 2 President in US (the one everyone refers to as having to be American, a land owner (ie like a squire) etc, because when America was founded none of the people or founders had been Americans for 15 years – that’s just one of the requirements of Article 2. Instead the founders set up Article 6 president office – as president of the corporate UNITED STATES. That corporation by the way was, and stil is, owned by the CROWN CORPORATION. (So are the corporations called CANADA, UK, NZ, AU, INDIA< SOUTH AFRICA, etc, etc. I won't go into the detail that I've expounded in the past, but will say that the modern day Cereberus, (3 headed dog guarding HADES), is comprised of the 3 independent city-states: Vatican, Washington DC, The City of London, – not London UK.


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