Deep Words on Marriage to Jesus! -Rufus Moseley (Perfect Everything Excerpt)


* See Manifest Victory, pp. 2’78-287; and The Secret of Divine Renewing and Rejuvenation (J. W. Burke Co., Macon, Georgia).

Having experienced and having seen in others an encouraging measure of rejuvenation through union with the glorified Jesus and through yielding to the Holy Spirit, I asked Him in the summer of 1942 when on a moving bus, what is the secret of rejuvenation? The answer came as heavenly lightening, “To be married to Me.” Not knowing precisely what He meant by marriage with Him, I asked Him and the answer came with the same swiftness and authority, “To be wholly each other’s.”

This of course is the secret, the whole secret and the only necessary secret for the salvation, the redemption, and the rejuvenation of the spirit, mind, soul and body. But knowing this makes everything else of Him of rejuvenating power all the more mean­ingful.

Jesus is the perfect Bridegroom. He is the Saviour, the Redeemer, and the Rejuvenator even of the Body. What He gave and gives is far more like a marriage feast than a conventional prayer meeting or formal religious service. According to the New Testament report He never used the word religion. He did not come to bring a new religion, but to give abundant and perfect life—healing, renewing, and regenerating and rejuvenation of the spirit, mind and body.

Jesus never grew old, and if He had remained here until now He would still be at the height and perfection of all of His faculties. He is and gives the perfect age as well as perfect everything else.

Everything of Him, His Spirit, His Word, His Touch, His Love, His Joy, and even His Garment had in them life-giving, healing and rejuvenating power.

The steps leading up to marriage with the glori­fied Jesus are first, dedication to walk in the Light; second, identification with Him; and third, ineffable union.

Identification comes with the new birth and by choosing to receive Him and become His disciple. Ineffable union becomes a reality through receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, by receiving the glorified Jesus within and by becoming an overcomer. Ineffable union becomes marriage as we choose to be wholly His and welcome Him to be wholly ours.

The Old Testament worthies knew that long life depended upon abiding “in the secret place of the most High” (Ps. 91:16). The Psalmist also knew the Lord “who forgiveth all of our iniquities, who healeth all of our diseases, who crowneth our lives with loving kindness and tender mercies,” also “reneweth our youth like the eagles” (Ps. 103:3-5).

Isaiah saw that “they that wait upon the Lord” renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings of eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint (Isa. 40:28-31). Moses by seeing Him who is invisible did his remarkable work of liberation and teaching after he was eighty and at one hundred and twenty “his eye was not dimmed nor his natural power abated.”

As Plato Darham put it, the saints who have not been martyred have had a genius for living long as well as well. As I have heard Judge Webb of the United States district court of Western North Carolina put it, “Old age is accumulated poison.” If we were perpetually receiving the love and joy and health and healing of the glorified Jesus and perpetually giving what we receive there would be nothing in us to take on the marks of old age.

The tongue, the most active member of the body, rarely ever shows any signs of old age. I take it if its activities were always those of loving kindness and healing that it would never grow old.

It is generally recognized the way to keep young is to be in perpetual quest for the best. The Greeks said that they kept young by learning something new every day.

It is reported in the press about three years ago that General Douglas MacArthur has hung over his desk “Worry, doubt, fear and despair—these are the long years that bow the head and turn the growing spirit back to dust. You’re as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair.”

Recently when in Florence, Italy, our guide advised those who were not enthusiastic to return to their hotels, remarking when we are enthusiastic we do not fatigue. Good enough news will take the tired feelings out of anyone; we do not tire when our joy is great. The more we live in the Spirit the longer our youth is preserved and the more it is renewed.

Those who have glimpsed into the heavenly world report the children there grow up to the perfect age which is about thirty or thirty-three and the old people come back to this age.

Swedenborg, who believed that he actually saw into the spiritual world for the last thirty years of his life, says that the oldest angel in heaven has become the youngest.

  1. D. Anthony, a greatly beloved and a very saintly Methodist minister of Georgia, reports in his autobiography that for about twenty-four hours his life seemed in balance between this world and the heavenly. During this time he heard the people praying for him on this side, and on the other he saw his first wife and his two children (one of them died when only a few days old and the other when a little over a year), heading the reception committee on the other side. Both of the children had grown up, but he recognized them and they recognized him. Also on the reception committee were all those who had believed because of his preaching.

He finally lost consciousness of those about him and saw only those on the other side. But just before reaching the other side the Heavenly Voice said to him, “I have more work for you to do on earth.” When he returned to consciousness the friends about him were still praying and weeping. He assured them that he had been sent back by God and would soon be well. He was.

I asked his son, Bascom Anthony, how long he lived after this experience and he said about twenty-five years. His son, Bascom, writing of his father, said that after the funeral expenses were paid his father had left behind him only eleven dollars and thirty cents—”eleven dollars and thirty cents more than he needed.”

A colored girl who lived near Macon, Georgia, was, about 1912, so much in the Spirit her eyes were closed to this world and opened to see Jesus and the heavenly realm. She told me afterwards she saw me and another friend on the other side at the heavenly banquet.

Feeling that I might get some hint as to how soon what she saw might become a reality in experience I asked her how much older I appeared to be there than here. Her reply was, “You were younger there and better looking, too.”

I take it that when Jesus gets through with us, if we go all the way with Him, we will all be not only perfect in age but also will be pleasant enough to look at.

Jesus prayed for that which is in heaven to be on earth; and is already here to a degree that we are married to Him and are in heavenly places in and with Him. I have a Chicago friend who tells me when she received the Holy Spirit she was in the glory and control and use of the Spirit for about ten hours and became at least ten years younger in appearance dur­ing these ten hours.

A California friend who was between ninety-four and ninety-five (when I last saw her) lives in so much joy and in the spirit of perpetual youth that her mind is bright and brilliant. She is very youthful in appearance for one of her age and is by far the most beautiful person I have ever seen who was over eighty years old.

Everyone who yields enough to the Heavenly Spirit to be happily possessed by the Heavenly begins to appear young.

Only a few months ago when I was in a meeting with colored friends who were much in the spirit, I was seen to be very youthful in appearance. I take it that everyone of us just to the degree that we enter into heavenly union and marriage with Jesus will both feel young and appear young.

Anyway when we are wholly Jesus Christ’s so that He can be in experience wholly ours we will find as Luther has well put it, “We are united with Christ as a bride is united with a husband.” By this mystery, Christ and the soul become one flesh—the believing soul can boast of and glory in whatever Christ has as if it were its own. Christ is full of grace, life and salvation; the soul is full of sins, death and condem­nation. Now let faith come between them, and it shall come to pass that sins, death and hell are Christ’s and grace, life and salvation are the soul’s. For it behooves Him if He is a Bridegroom to take upon Himself the things which are His Bride’s and bestow upon her the things which are His. For, if He gives her His body and His very self, how shall He not give her all that is His? And if He takes the body of the bride, how shall He not take all that is hers?

Saint Paul saw Jesus as “Saviour of the body, and that those of us who have the first fruits of the spirit are earnestly awaiting the redemption of our bodies,” (Rom. 8:23) . He likewise saw in the intimate relationship with Him “we are members of his body, of his flesh and his bones,” (Eph. 5:30).

In our union with the Glorified Jesus as identification, ineffable union and marriage, there is a perfect interchange, interaction and integration.

At first, Jesus (who is perfect everything) is taking upon Himself our sins, our diseases, and everything of ours that needs to go; and giving us His righteousness, His health and everything He has. This union of interchange goes on to the end until He takes that which is mortal in our bodies and gives us His immortality. This is the end that He had in view from the beginning, to make us like Himself even bodily.

On the way to this we move into a partnership with Him or a relationship of interaction. In this relationship He loves through us and we love through Him. He brings forth everything through us and we bring forth through Him.

In the relationship of an integrated union with Him we become extensions and contagions of Him.

In the marriage with Him everything of His is ours as everything of the best human husband belongs to the wife. No matter how poor she is at the time of marriage if her husband is rich she marries into his riches. She can even draw as large a check from the bank as he can.

In like manner no matter how old we may be when we enter into marriage with the glorified Jesus we will find His spirit of eternal youth and His perfect age are ours. On the way to this perfect marriage we are already feeling the beginnings and first fruits of the redemption and rejuvenation of the body as well as of the spirit and of the mind. Everything of Him has the touch of eternal youth.

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