Description of Walking to Jesus's Castle In Heaven

Indeed this was the most political looking area, with many official looking people and many official looking buildings, but these were sort of outside the inner chambers.  The inner area was more like a place where the Lord appeared to dwell with His people.  Like the White House, only instead of a house it was most definitely a Royal Palace, reaching up impossibly high into the air, outdoing any fantasy painting or classic European castle. . .  There was so much joy in just looking at this, that Annette had to stop her guide for a few moments and just praise the Lord as she gazed upon the White and Gold and Silver Towers, each adorned with royal blue and golden banners.  So much joy!  It spoke of the Freedom that Jesus’s Rule was going to bring to all Creation when finally He took things over!
They walked in through many separate chambers, along a long red carpet.  The feeling Annette got was that all these decorations could be easily changed, and there was a new, fresh feeling to all that was there.  The furniture and the colors and drapes and all sorts of other things (that usually women notice) were beautiful, and yet it seemed they would be set a certain way for a certain celebration.   Outside the actual Throne Room were seven outer chambers, each with long hallways extending to the right and to the left, and these were bustling places, with many people working there and many visitors and all kinds of things going on.   Basically you got the feeling it was  a mix of a King’s castle, the White House, the Pentagon, and the CIA/FBI all rolled into one, except full of love rather than full of pride and falls-fronts.  There was a real freedom here, and it wasn’t intimidating.  However, there were armed guards everywhere you went, and these were friendly, too.  Annette found that they were dutiful, and praiseful, but not aloof.  They would talk to you.
At last they reached the inner area, and were given “Audience with the King” but it was not what you would think:  for This King was King Jesus!  He was full of happiness, wit, and seemed to like to try and put people at ease.  He was dressed in His full Kingly Robes and a Royal Sash, with, surprisingly, battle armor underneath!   This armor outshone even Enoch’s, but since this was Heaven and everything was light-sourced by the Son of God anyway, you were still able to look at Him.  Or perhaps that was because the robes covered most of the armor.
He looked absolutely so regal and beautiful that many people simply wept and knelt before the Throne, out of joy, and commit their lives to serve Him yet again.   Annette wished to do the same, but He looked at her with a smile and said “No, please stand!  You must learn how to stand beside Me, My Queen!”   At this Annette’s faced flushed, but He quickly took her by His side, and had her face those who were present.
“Now begins a New Day.  Now begins the Days that the Prophet’s spoke of, concerning the End.  I Am going to raise up a New Church, and this Church will be available to all who seek to find refuge from the great storm that is about to encompass the entire Earth.”

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