Director Lo Wei Found Bruce Lee and then Jackie Chan – Two Possible Asias

The acclaimed Hong Kong director Lo Wei’s story is very interesting. Here is the man who helped Bruce Lee into fame, directing some of his movies. Tragically Bruce Lee passed away, and who do we find in his stead as the symbol of all Asian Kung Fu movies worldwide? Jackie Chan.   Lo Wei found Jackie Chan and helped him to become famous, as well. Chan has stuck around and become a worldwide icon, also advocating Taiwan’s absorption into Mainland China. One often wonders what the world would have been like if Bruce Lee had survived – the Hong Kong Martial Arts Superstar who was a symbol for Asains to be masculine and tough. Jackie Chan is comparatively sweet, soft, and huggable.

In the light of recent events, we have seen the Hong Kong youth stand up and defend Taiwan’s fight against the Free Trade Agreement.   Would Bruce Lee have been a sort of opposite to Jackie Chan, standing up for the rights of Chinese everywhere, whether Mainlanders or Taiwanese to assert their own independence as free human beings against any sort of totalitarian regime?

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