Disaster Dream

Big disaster where so many people died took place.   I was in Taiwan because I know I was teaching English and many of my students and network died. It was somehow prepared though because there was some sort of an ark or place of refuge that was established and I had gone there. It was incredibly hard to watch because you could see all the bodies everywhere scattered and being killed by something, I don’t know what it was exactly.
The sensation for everything was epicness on a scale I have never seen before. After the disaster and mass killing took place though, we started to rebuild and restart society.   I noticed different students messaging me but theyw ere really discouraged,   one said something about are we going to have half-a$$ed class again like before almost like they were sarcastic but they really wanted to continue class. It was incredible to see these people who wanted to continue doing stuff although they had been through something so drastic.

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