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    35. Thou art precious, thou art beautiful, thou art wonderful, each one.  I have created each one of you for a special purpose! I speak to thee as an individual, I speak to thee as My beloved, that I would draw after Me, that I would take into the bed of My love, that I would shower with My love and kisses and embraces, that I would surround with My warmth, that I would clothe with the security and the protection of My love, that I would fill to overflowing.  I speak to thee as the special creation that I have made, each with a special individual unique calling and purpose, each one that I have crafted, that I have formed.
    36. For Mine eye hath been upon thee since before thou wast formed in the womb.  I have been with thee every step of the way. I have watched thee, I have loved thee, I have cared for thee. Thou hast never been out of My sight.


    37. And how I long to pour My love upon thee! How I long to draw thee to My bosom!  If thou wouldst take this time with Me in prayer, and listen to My voice in thy heart, and through My Word, I would show thee of My great, great love for thee.–Love which is greater than the ocean, which stretches further than the horizon, which the whole universe with all its stars and galaxies cannot contain, which reaches out of understanding into infinity and eternity. This love thou wouldst know if thou wouldst draw close to Me.
    38. And as thou dost know and experience My love for thee, thou wilt have strength that thou knowest not of. Because nothing, I say unto you, nothing will break the tie of love that I have for thee. Nothing can come between us. Nothing can separate Me from thee, for My love is stronger than anything!  No floods can quench it, no doubts can remove it, no lies can tarnish it, for it stands stronger than any of these.
    39. As thou dost seek for and discover My love, as thou dost swim in My love and revel in the ecstasy and the joy that I would give thee, thou wouldst understand why the martyrs were even able to die for this love. It was greater to them than any trial or any persecution or any problem. It was so strong that even at the moment when they could not feel it, they knew it. It was stronger than any circumstance, or any trial, for these would pass away, but My love would not pass away.
    40. If thou seekest Me with all thy heart, thou wilt find Me, for I would be found of thee, and I would draw thee unto Me.  And as thou dost seek Me in the Word, thou wilt find Me, for I will be found of thee.

(I Love You!–Just You! [#2985])

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