Discussing the New Weapons – Overview #2!

Remember God Journey?  Well I must warn you, there are almost as many chicken/ dino squeels going on here as the days when Brad was on the show.  Here I enjoy a talk with a veteran missionary who goes by “Carmel” on the New Weapons.   Mostly it is I who am over mirthful, but this is a subject I just enjoy discussing so much.  It is unedited and rather messy, in fact we didn’t even have a place to sit down that afternoon so we just paced up and down the hall for 30 minutes discussing the various spiritual warfare concepts.  In the next video we will touch upon each individual weapon.

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  1. Its always good to see people out there and on the same planet, as in coming from the same places and going to the same places (so to speak). Where are we coming from? Myself coming from the day that I first ran into and met Jesus Christ. Personally I was very fortunate to have encountered a real genuine spiritual encounter with Jesus (age eighteen). From then on life was to change dramatically, as in having tasted the waters of life and from then onwards being like a fish in the water, when in the water (spirit) and a fish out of water when on dry land (when out of the spirit and earthly).
    It is not a very densely populated fish pool that we are in (tho of course it is really); so it is of course always good to catch a glimpse of others that are swimming in the same pool and to encounter them trying to find their way around in there, and also to hear their pointers to the odd fish or two that might go in for a swim there and taste or try the waters.
    Curious also to see you both walking up and down the corridor there. Kind of fitting to todays world, as in reminding me of the green door corridors. You should of both peeped into the rooms there and of course you would have seen people in there – each one continuing in their own private little hells. I noticed some cleaners too going down the corridors there. So yes very interesting and fitting to todays weary world. I think that there are a lot of people these days – each continuing in their own private little hells, each living in their own private bunkers and shutting the world and others out.
    Someone once said to me that there isn’t a housing shortage. I thought that a statement like that was ridiculous. The answer was clear to me when it was pointed out to me that it is because families have broken up and more people choose to live alone and apart from each other for fear of being hurt. To many cars on the road? – It is because people choose to travel alone and so a lot of cars have just one driver to each car. A lot of people surf the net, and again we have one surf board (computer) per person. I guess all we can do is to keep trying to balance out the wide spectrum that we find ourselves in. We are in the world but not of the world, in the spirit and God willing it so not out of the spirit.
    Our walk is to walk in the spirit and to stay in the spirit, to be as a fish in water and not as a fish out of water. Jesus always swims with others and so we find Him a lot when we find Him through finding others that would swim with Him.
    We cannot swim on dry land, so on land we find our selves without air. (a fishes air comes from the water)

    Stay strong – stay Loving – stay true.
    Praise Jesus.

    1. Ha, brother you’re so poetic! It was fun walking around discussing this… and yes indeed I was reminded of something akin to a spirit trip too. The world is becoming a mere reflection of the Green Door, even as it crumbles… I have a hope for people who are open to the light, though, as we are seeing an awakening as the Enemy seeks to further destroy humanity. For instance, no more 9-5 jobs coming soon. That to me shatters the old idea of “you gotta go to school, get a job, and then youre accepted by society” however now we can see that it was a lie from the beginning, and it no longer looks so attractive. Of course the New World Order and those crazies have in mind to destroy humanity as an end goal, but we can lead them to life by faith in Christ and seeing Him provide for us in other ways.

      Thank you for your fellowship, always, Terry and Karen — you are both a source of continual inspiration to many!

  2. Hi Michael, I keep meaning to post you a comment but I’ve been really busy lately. Still watching and enjoying your vids though, particularly the ones with you and Carmel, you make a good team! My son’s been watching and enjoying them lately too, so keep encouraging, uplifting and uniting others – your’e doing a great job! GBYWLY 👍

    1. Wow, awesome! Thank you Karen and may the Lord bless your family and your sphere of influencing this world with God’s Kingdom! I hope to do more interviews with Carmel soon, that girl is a wealth of information and insights into everything I’m interested in exploring and sharing.

  3. Hey Michael. you simply have to watch this, it’s brilliant! It’s got such a good message throughout so I’m going to post this all over the net – make sure that you watch it to the end though or else you will miss the best bit – I won’t tell you hehe! You’ll no-doubt guess by the pic at the start though. It takes a nut cast like Terry to do this, especially in a crowded pub and in the high street. Anyway, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jz2hmz3BP08

    Oh btw. have you visited our blog yet? I say ours, actually I made it for Terry and linked it to his YouTube channel. He’s hopeless at computers, it’s a wonder he can turn one on ha and not so good at the writing either, he’s dyslexic but has great ideas though. I like writing so I help him with that side of things so we’re a team. I’ll post the link at the bottom here so you can take a look if you want. Not much on there at the moment though, I’ve not had time so it’s a work in progress and kinda experimental at the moment so we’ll have to see. People don’t really read much these days so it will only be for the very few anyway. My vision or our vision is to just keep it simple though, hence the name of the blog, and just focus on presenting spiritual realities in a fresh new way in order to change people’s mindsets and misconceptions. God willing anyway! Here’s the link: https://childliketruth.wordpress.com


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