Does Gender Play a Role in Science and Faith? | Donna Howell on The Handmaidens Conspiracy

Gotta love Joshhhh Peeeecckkkkkkk! (∩▽∩)

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  1. everyone has their faults, and Kara was hurt by him and others when she came out against the Sept 23 2017 rapture. She sent me a copy of his FB comment to her. That’s partly what prompted her to be done with FB. I don’t believe she holds anything vs him or the others who slammed her (some of them quite spitefully), but she decided she didn’t need the abuse.

  2. He wasn’t hateful like other “believers” were – but it’s weird how one gets attached to a position and it’s wrong but one doesn’t see it, then feels compelled to vehemently defend it.


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