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John Warrington:
Hi Douglas,
I’m listening to your 24th July 2012 Critical omissions show.
On it, around 80 minutes into the show, you talk about other universes and how they don’t have stars.
Very good, but how can you be sure that there are other universes, or is that faith based science ?
Douglas Duane Dietrich:
Try to sympathize, Mr. Warrington.

I have dedicated entire Presentations to this effect.
An idly curious (albeit entirely valid) Query like what you have Posted requires a Textbook of Abstract Theorems by which to provide Legitimate Answer.
Mathematically – per Equations as Calculated by the Federally-Contracted Cray Supercomputer in the 1980s – Our very existence defies the laws of nature. If certain natural forces varied in their values by the tiniest of fractions, not even stars could exist. In fact, in an infinite number of of other possible universes, those values are different and stars do not exist. They exist here for the same reason we do – this is where they can exist.
Once Confronted with the (Virtually Guaranteed) Prospect of the Mass-Extermination of an Overwhelming Majority of the American Population by Biocidal Weapons developed by Japan’s Hirohito-Tennō (God-Emperor Hirohito [b.1901—d.1989]: A Marine Biologist of Internationally Recognized Repute), the United States Government was Forced to Sue For Peace and Declare Immediate Cease-Fire.
In Direct Response to the American Atomic Attack against Hiroshima on the 6th of August in 1945, the Sacred Crane Task Force (S.C.T.F) of Imperial Japanese Superdirigibles was Deployed In Penetration of American Airspace, which was Violated as expeditiously as it had been during The Battle of Los Angeles (February 24th—25th, 1942) and throughout the Second World War by Tens of Thousands of Japanese I.C.U.B.s (Intercontinental “Unguided” Bombs).
All the S.C.T.F. Crews and Complements of Bushidōist Japanese Æronauts Disembarked at Tonopah Army Air Base (later Composited with C.I.A. Designate: Area-51) on the 9th of August in 1945 (Co-Incident to America’s Abortive Atomic Attack Against The Imperial Japanese National Armory of Kokura in Failed Attempt to Deploy the Domestically Manufactured “Fat Man” – a singular Plutonium Bomb with much more powerful Yield than the Axis-Manufactured and Standardized “Little Boy” Uranium Shell as so recently Dropped Over Hiroshima [Bockscar Failed to Bomb Japan’s National Arsenal after three unsuccessful Bomb Runs in Forty-Five Minutes of Flight-Time, during which attempts her Flight-Engineer discovered a Major Malfunction: Her Fuel Pump had Ceased Functioning – trapping six hundred Gallons of Fuel in her Auxiliary Bomb-Bay Fuel Tanks and rendering it unavailable for use; as Iwo Jima’s Airfield was Closed, the Crew could not Transfer the Fat Man to another B-29 and her Commander: Major Charles V. Sweeney, Opted to Drop the Single Most Powerful Weapon in the American Inventory over Nagasaki In Panicked Retreat: Nagasaki’s geography played a major role in Limiting Fat Man’s Effectiveness and Dissipated Eighty Percent of the Plutonium Bomb’s power by Confining the explosion to the bowl-shaped valley amidst the Nagasaki Hills and thusly prevented Casualties, Fatalities, and Material Damages from becoming as extensive as those produced by the Lower-Yield Little Boy. The Nagasaki Bombing Fiasco proved conclusively that both the Japanese Imperial Family – and that Two-Thousand and Six-Hundred Year-Old Dynasty’s Industry – were more than adequately entrenched enough to survive America’s “Strategic” approach to Nuclear Warfare: Well over two-thousand and five-hundred young ladies employed in Mitsubishi’s Underground-Bunkered Production Facilities beneath the city of Nagasaki survived Nuclear Bombardment without any awareness that an Atomic Attack had occurred Overhead; continuing unabated Full-Scale Assembly of KI-74 “Patsy” Long-Range Bombers capable of reaching New York City from Tokiyo (modeled on the Prototype KI-77s produced in 1940 – prior to Pearl Harbor. It was concluded – correctly – that any Atomic Attack on the Japanese National Capital of Tokiyo would leave The Imperial Bunkers equally unscathed.]).
The Shōwa Ultimatum was thereupon Delivered to the United States High Command (and ultimately the American Office of the Executive [at that time Held by President Truman]) Demanding In The Name of the God-Emperor that the United States of America and her Allies Commence Active Cease-Fire Negotiations by The Ides of August (as the 15th of August is the Anniversary Date for the Original Manifestation of The Kamikaze [“Divine Wind”] Super-Typhoon of One Hundred and Fifty Mile-per-Hour Winds which raised Twenty-Meter Waves and sank Arakhan’s Mongolian Armada of Four Thousand and Four Hundred ships [a Fleet-In-Being literally proportionate to that floated by the Allies off Normandy at D-Day] – drowning One Hundred and Fifty-Thousand Mongol Marines off Japan Six Hundred and Sixty-Four Years prior in Anno Domini 1281, Common Era [the single greatest Loss-of-Life at Sea ever Recorded in History], Hirohito deemed Imposition of this 08/15/1945 Deadline as apropos).
To emphasize the Lethality-Index of the Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction by now On-Site Tonapah, the Shōwa Ultimatum Outlined Hirohito’s Paradigm that – as a Biologist – he could only conclude that Our Universe should be teeming with life. We should have been visited not only long ago, but regularly – yet this has not occurred in any Officially Acknowledged sense.
Hirohito’s Hypothesis was rooted in the Biological Fact that life alters its environment in dramatic and unmistakable ways. The most cursory glance at the Earth identifies it as a living world. The atmosphere of earth is in constant Chemical Disequilibrium. Without life, the oxygen in our atmosphere would be gone in the blink of a geologic eyelash.
If there were a Galactic Civilization the radio cacophony would be deafening. If the galaxy were indeed home to Xeno (“Extraterrestrial”)-Civilizations, then we would be awash in the sights and sounds of Extraterrestrial rebroadcasting. We wouldn’t be able to point a radio-scope at the sky without being bombarded by voiceovers of the Arcturian Al Jolson (wherein some Xeno would be Caricaturing their own sullen Minority). Unlike the spread of XCs (“Xeno-Civilizations”), which may creep along at only One Light Year/Century, TV (television) and radio cross space at SOL (Speed-Of-Light).
Our own Planetary Radio Signature is even now broadcasting our presence to the rest of The Galaxy. Surrounding the sun is a shell of intense radio-noise, now about One-Hundred and Eighty Light Years (180 Lt. Yrs.) in Diameter. At the outer surface of the radio-shell is Marconi’s transmission of the letter: “S” – broadcast circa: 1901 – the Year of Hirohito’s Birth. Our radio-presence has already expanded far enough to encompass Nine Thousand (9000) stars. There is no way any Radio-stronomer on a planet within range of our transmissions could mistake the incoming signals. Even if this hypothetical being couldn’t interpret the messages encoded within the radio and TV waves, it would nonetheless recognize the unmistakable signature of its artificial origin.
Less than Half-a-Century (>50 Yrs.) prior to 1945, our star was just a quiet Yellow Dwarf, with nothing to distinguish it. To external observers, it would appear to have very suddenly erupted, like a radio volcano. Our miniscule planet already outshines the sun in the radio portion of the spectrum (indeed: By the 1990s, some of our most powerful Planetary Exploration Radars would be Ten Billion Times [10, 000, 000, 000X] brighter than the sun in radiography). Our inexplicable exponential doubling of radio-emissions from an otherwise sedate main-sequence star must have alerted any sentience in the spiral arm of our galaxy to an Emergent Competitor.
Perhaps Advanced Civilizations don’t use radio, or radar, or microwaves. Advanced Technology can be invoked as an explanation for the absence of Extraterrestrial Radio Signals. But it seems unlikely that their technology would leave no imprint anywhere in The Electromagnetic Spectrum. The evidence in hand is simply nothing – No Signals.
To explain the Absence Of Signals In Presence of Intelligent Xenos demands recourse to what is essentially Faith in Fantasy. Unfortunately, the iron laws of logic demand that we reject such wishful thinking in favor of the simplest explanation which fits the data: No Signals = No Extant Xeno-Civilizations.
The Milky Way Galaxy is at least Ten Billion Years (10, 000, 000, 000 Yrs.) old. The Diameter of this Galaxy is only One-Hundred Thousand Light Years (100, 000 Lt. Yrs.). Space Arks, traveling at only One Percent Speed-Of-Light (1% “SOL”), crossing an average of One Hundred Light Years (100 Lt. Yrs.) between stars, and stopping for an entire Millennium (One Thousand Years [1000 Yrs.]) before proceeding on to the next Star-System would expand into the galaxy at One Light Year/Century (1 Lt. Yr./C.). Even if Xeno Space Arks crept along at the glacial pace of 1 Lt. Yr./C. (One Single Light Year/Century), the Extraterrestrials could inhabit the galaxy in just Ten Million Years (10, 000, 000 Yrs.).
Allowing the First Five Billion Years (1st 5, 000, 000, 000 Yrs.) of The Galaxy’s History for the First Intelligent Species to evolve; Ten Million Years (10, 000, 000 Yrs.) is a Conservative Estimate of time needed for an Intelligent Species to colonize the Galaxy. Even given the very conservative assumption there is never more than a single colonizing species in the galaxy to at any given time, the galaxy – and our planet earth – should have been overrun by Xeno-Colonists Five-Hundred Times (500X) Over by now…
Earth-Like worlds are rarer than sapphires in sand-piles. No Water-Based Life-Form engaged in colonizing this galaxy would ever bypass our world. The blue glow of our oceans and the spectral signal of free oxygen in our atmosphere would attract sentient beings within dozens of light years. Like bees swarming to the nectar of an opulent blossom they would quickly zero-in on our sweet world (even if the Xenos breathed methane and had liquid ammonia for blood, they would come to our Solar System – drawn by their version of an Edenic paradise on Saturn’s single major satellite: Titan).
Any life-form – by definition – is energy-dependent. Like us, they will be drawn to live closely huddled around stars. Xenos would be drawn to long-lived stable stars like moths to candles. In a galaxy saturated with life, our own warmly welcoming sun would never be neglected (only extinct Brown Dwarfs like our Dark Binary Solar Partner [“Nemesis”] would be bypassed). A Star-System like ours is primary galactic Lebensraum: Xenos should have colonized this Solar System Hundreds of Times (100s X) Over by now.
They’ve had Five Billion Years (5, 000, 000, 000 Yrs.) to get here. If the Universe is really conducive to the formation of living planets like the earth and intelligent tool-users like us, then Tens of Thousands (10s X 1000s) of Xeno-Cultures should have matured during the lifetime of the galaxy. If our species can even conceive of aspiring to Stellar Outreach, then Xeno cultures with Millions (1, 000, 000s) of years of technical history at their disposal should have attained such. Where are they?
Hirohito compellingly postulated that Intelligent Civilizations Auto-Immolate once capable of generating a Single Individual (All It Takes Is One [1]; and in the case of Our Planet – he presented Himself) who was both educated enough – and Inclined by Circumstance(s) – to produce viable quantities of “The Poor Man’s Doomsday Weapon:” Mass-Biocidal Viral Agents; which are more than capable of eradicating The Totality of One’s Own Species – in this case, of course: Humanity.
This concept was later to be plagiarized by the Chief Science Advisor to the U.S. President: The Physicist Enrico Fermi (b.1901—d.1954), in order to rationalize Federal Funding of an ever-expanding Nuclear Weapons Program. Dr. Fermi’s perversion of the original Postulation illogically expounded the far more expensive – & thereby far less likely – Proposition of Extraterrestrial Civilizations Auto-Destructing via Total Thermonuclear Warfare; which requires Not an Individual, but entire Interlocking Complexes of Interdependent Industries; not to mention a bottomless pit of Tax-Supported Financing to continuously maintain Self-Degrading Weapons Mechanisms, whose very Internal Electronic Components are Chronically Corrupted by Radiation Emissions from their own Fission/Fusion Cores…
Nevertheless, Fermi’s rhetorically paraphrased question: “Where is everybody?” reinforces the inescapable nature of Hirohito’s Paradox. The Shōwa Paradigm evolved in the scientifically-trained mind of Emperor Hirohito in a time when Biology was derided as a “soft” science and the so-called “hard” science of Physics reigned supreme in The Western World – a mindset which rendered the very possibility of Extraterrestrial Life Impossible; and thereby unworthy of formal discussion. This Mechanistic Paradigm was best presented in the Physicist Sir James Jeans’ “Mysterious Universe (Pub. c 1930)”:
“…Standing on our microscopic grain of sand, we attempt to discover the nature and purpose of the universe which surrounds our home in space and time. Our first impression is something akin to terror. We find the universe terrifying because of its vast meaningless distances, terrifying because of its inconceivably long vistas of time which dwarf human human history to the twinkling of an eye, terrifying because of our extreme loneliness, and because of the material insignificance of our home in space – a Millionth part of a grain of sand out of all the sea-sand in the world. But above all else, we find the universe terrifying because it appears to be indifferent to life like our own; emotion, ambition and achievement, art and religion all seem equally foreign to its plan.
Perhaps we ought to say it appears to be actively hostile to life like our own. For the most part, empty space is so cold that all life in it would be frozen; most of the matter in space is so hot as to make life on it impossible; space is traversed, and astronomical bodies continually bombarded, by radiation of a variety of kinds, much of which is probably inimical to, or even destructive of life.
Into such a universe we have stumbled as the result of what may be properly described as an accident. Millions and Millions of stars wandering blindly through space for Millions of Millions of years are bound to meet with every sort of accident, and so are bound to produce a certain limited number of planetary systems in time. Yet the number of these must be very small in comparison with the total number of stars in the sky.
This rarity of planetary systems is important, because, so far as we can see, life of the kind we know on earth could only originate on planets like the earth. It needs suitable physical conditions for its appearance, the most important of which is a temperature at which substances can exist in the liquid state.
The stars themselves are disqualified by being far too hot. Life can only exist inside a narrow temperate zone which surrounds each of these fires at a very definite distance. Outside these zones life would be frozen; inside it would be shriveled up. At rough computation, these zones within which life is possible, all added together, constitute less than a Thousand-Million-Millionth part of the whole of space. And even inside them, life must be part of a very rare occurrence. For it is so unusual an accident for suns to throw off planets as our own sun has done, that probably only about one star in One-Hundred Thousand has a planet revolving round it in the small zone in which life is possible.
Just for this reason it seems incredible that the universe can have been designed to produce life like our own; had it been so, surely we might have expected to find a better proportion between the magnitude of the mechanism and the amount of the product. Life seems an utterly unimportant byproduct; we living things are off the main line…”
In matters pertaining to the purely Physical State of our Universe, at least, the Physicists were – and still are – quite correct…
We now know that there are Two-Hundred Billion (200, 000, 000, 000) stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. How could it be possible that ours is the only one harboring Intelligent Life?
Actually, it goes far beyond that. Not only is our Solar System the only Source of Intelligent Life, it is probably the only Source of any kind of life. Not only is our Solar-System the only source of life in this galaxy, it is probably the only source of life in any galaxy. Indeed, it is likely that the worlds bound to our Suns (as a Binary System) are the only specks of Living Matter in the entire Universe.
The evolution of life is overwhelmingly improbable. The odds against life are so extreme that it is virtually impossible for it to occur twice in the same universe. That life ever evolved anywhere at all is a miracle of Biblical proportions. If it wasn’t for our manifest presence, the creation of life itself would be dismissed as an irrational fantasy. Generating animate matter through random chemistry is so unlikely as to be indistinguishable from impossible. Miracles obviously happen – but do they happen twice?
We use the Large Molecule of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) to Define Life: The formation of a Self-Replicating Molecule is only the tip of the Bionomic iceberg. This manifestation presumes an entire set of preconditions. It presumes existence of a stable long-lived star and the basic nuclear reactions which sustain its fusion; it presumes the creation of elements like carbon, essential to our form of life; it presumes the delicate arrangement of binding electrons which allows the formation of complex molecules, et cetera. Hence: The First cosmic “coincidence” of DNA is really the end-product of an entire series of coincidences.
Our planet is Not a Self-Contained Bio-System. Firstly: We exist within a Binary-Planet Ecosystem (itself posited within a Binary-Star System) whose terrestrial tidal-rhthyms are entirely synchronized by a moon (properly named: “Selene”) so disproportionate in size to its planet as compared to every other planet and its satellites within our Solar-System as to render what is our Double-Planet a Celestial Exception. These tides prevented oceanic stagnation and sterility by circulating and oxygenating the waters of the world from which life-as-we-know-it arose.
Secondly: All the volatiles needed for the origin of life are Out There. But if they have been brought here by Water-Bearing Comets encased in carbon-based mantles as some have concluded, so have Bolides bearing Mass-Extinction.
Only the strategic positioning of the Giant Outer Planets have prevented the symbiotic oasis of the Earth-Moon Micro-System from being saturated by a steady rain of cosmic death by gravitationally drawing in or deflecting the overwhelming majority of silent salvoes out of the Khuiper-Oort Edges of our Solar-System; analogous to supermassive Aircraft Carriers absorbing wave after wave of incoming attacks to deflect destruction from a Frigate-sized Command, Control, & Communications Vessel harboring the Admiralty of The Fleet. If the Gas-Giants are not there to absorb this annihilation – then we are not here either.
These Two Factors alone manifest an incredible series of events. First we need a Binary-Planet Micro-System saturated in liquid-waters ærated by gravitational synchronicity. Then you need the perfectly-positioned presence of Gas-Giant planets like Jupiter and Saturn to draw the majority of incoming hostile comets into themselves. Only then do we get the sheltered environment in which the organic material for life on earth can proceed to develop – itself probably pelted onto our Double-Planet by Cometary Transmission – which in turn is triggered by our Binary Dwarf-Star Companion (Nemesis) as it completes its highly elliptical orbit in a multi-million year circuit.
This system is so atypical that life on planets around other stars is much – very much – less likely than popularized on basis of these physical facts alone. But what of the base-organic materials that abound in our Universe?
DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is comprised of some twenty (20) Amino-Acids. A great deal more than the presumed chemical accident of a single self-replicating chain of DNA is required to produce Single-Celled Organisms; and then a complete Biosphere; and finally Intelligent Beings – but by semantic example, assume that a minimal precondition is all that’s required to set the chain of Causality in motion that would eventually evolve ourselves from primordial components. The minimum chain-length for self-replicating DNA is statistically Six Hundred (600) Nucleotides – which are the building-blocks of DNA – and Six Hundred (600) Links forms an exceedingly short DNA chain: A very simple virus contains One-Hundred and Seventy-Thousand (170, 000) Links; a bacterium Seven Million (7, 000, 000) ; and our own DNA Chain is Six Billion (6, 000, 000, 000) Links long (For these very reasons, Life was probably based on Ribonucleic Acid [RNA] First: A Nucleic Acid in which there is a single-strand of molecules – rather than the double-strand in DNA [Ribonucleic Acids don’t exist in water. Since the majority of conventional Paleo-Geologists conclude that – at some point in our geologic prehistory – the early earth’s surface was entirely submerged in waters; RNA is speculated to have sourced from the deserts of Mars. Many Viruses are RNA Life-Forms: Hence the DNA Tree-of-Life must be expanded to include RNA Viruses like HIV/AIDS – which are Archaeo-Alien Non-DNA Life sharing Planet Earth with we, ourselves, who may, by extension, be of Martian Descent…]).
But Today we are definitively a Terrestrial Species bound together by the DNA Chain-of-Life; so how likely is it that primal waters would generate a “Genesis-Strand” of DNA? DNA is the Code-of-Life: A Medium conveying Message to Manifest. How likely is it that the message would be generated at random? That probability is dependent on the number of Bits of Information required to encode the message. The number of Bits is than the Base Two Exponent of the number of Random Trials it would take to generate the message. This means that generating even a relatively short message by Random Trial and Error takes an enormous number of tries.
English is the most widely spoken language on Earth Today because it is the most simple. Written English requires only about Fifty Symbols to convey any message: Twenty-Six (26) Letters, Ten (10) Figures, Thirteen (13) Punctuation-Marks – and Blank Spaces. A minimal message with meaning: “Jack and Jill.” This statement contains thirteen (13) elements: Ten (10) letters, two (2) spaces, and a single (1) punctuation-mark. The first position in our message has one chance in fifty of being a “J”. The odds of generating a particular message one symbol long = 50—1. The second position has same odds, so the chances of a message two symbols long manifesting “Ja” = 50X50—1. Each time a symbol is added to sequence the odds against that sequence go up by One Multiple: Three symbols = 50X50X50—1; Four symbols = 504—1, etc. The odds of generating: “Jack and Jill.” at random = 5013—1. To create this rudimentary message by accident would require Six Hundred Billion Trillion (610, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000) Trials.
A computer programmed to generate a Thirteen (13)-Character String at Random – creating Ten Million New Strings/Second (10, 000, 000/Scnd.) – would take Two Billion Years (2, 000, 000, 000 Yrs.) to produce “Jack and Jill.”
Generating a Six Hundred (600)-Nucleotide Chain through Random Chemistry is functionally impossible. The Genetic Alphabet comprises only Four (4) Symbols – but the same odds still apply: A-G, G-A, C-T, T-C = 10 to the 360th Power.
To generate a Single Strand of “Genesis DNA” = 10 to the 360th Chemical Reactions. This is a completely ridiculous number. Displaying such a number would be an exercise in futility; it would require Hundreds (100s) of Zeros. A “Googol” = 10 to the 100th Power. This number is Ten Nonillion Nonillion Googol Googol Googol (# foregone).
No human brain, autistic or otherwise, can calculate such numbers without Cybernetic Augmentation.
Even at apex of The Flood – scientifically recognized as occurring before the advent of life manifested at all (in a time when our planet was physically compacted) – the oceans submerging the early surface of earth probably contained at most a global oceanic mass of 1.3X10 to the 18th Power’s worth of tons and a generous dedication of 0.15% of that mass to carbon atoms = 2X10 to the 15th Power’s worth of tons, or 10 to the 44th Power’s worth of Carbs. Assuming against all statistical probability that every atom of carbon in the world-ocean was locked up in a Nucleic Acid Molecule: There could be no more than approximately 10 to the 42nd Power’s worth of Nucleotide Chains with average length = Ten (10) Base-Pairs.
If all these nucleotides interacted with each other One Hundred Times/Second (100X/Scnd.) for Ten Billion Years (10, 000, 000, 000 Yrs.), they would undergo 3X10 to the 61st Power’s worth of Reactions. This would leave them woefully short of the sample needed to generate a Single Strand of Genesis DNA. To generate a Self-Replicating Strand of DNA out of the Global Ocean, even if it were a solid soup of nucleotides, would take Ten Billion Googol Googol Googol years (# foregone).
To drive home our reality: Posit that every single star in every single galaxy in the entire Universe has an Earth-Like Planet in orbit around it; and posit that every single one of those planets is submerged under a Global Flood seething with Organic Compounds = Forty-Thousand Billion Billion (# foregone) oceanic cauldrons in which to foment the Elixir of Life. In such a Universe – where the conditions for the Creation of Life are absolutely ideal – it would take:
One-Hundred Quadrillion Nonillion Nonillion Googol Googol (# foregone) Years for the single Seminal-Strand to Generate.
Assuming some radically different Life-Form – independent of DNA – hits the same statistical wall. By definition, life-forms are always complex arrangements of matter/energy. This complexity has to arise out of chaos. Therefore, some initial Degree of Order must manifest First. Whatever the Life-Form, its creation is dependent on the same sort of Genesis Event that created our own First Seminal-Strand of DNA. The matching of DNA Base-Pairs, the alignment of liquid crystals, the nesting of ammonia-vortices; whatever the form of order, it is subject to the same Laws of Probability. Consequently, any form of highly complex, self-replicating material is just as impossible to occur as our form. When all the fundamental constants underlying the bare existence of the Universe are also taken into account, it becomes all too obvious that life itself is sheer impossibility in any form.
There is only One Conclusion to be drawn in face of such a self-contradicting environment as our intrinsically life-hostile Universe(s) ultimately generating our Sentient Species (and others) Against All Mathematical Odds on this Singular Planet – a world whose very Solar Systemic Structure appears radically atypical – the conclusion of Manifest Divinity; or what The West comprehends as: “Intelligent Design.”..
All life in this Universe At Present is currently confined to this singular Solar-System. Our responsibility to the Cosmos is Absolute. In a very real sense, we must carry the weight of the Universe on our shoulders. We are not an insignificant species of semi-intelligent apes, charged only with the welfare of ourselves, or even of our little planet. We are the Preeminent Source of Consciousness in an otherwise dead Cosmos. It is all up to us. If we fail, Life – as an utterly unique phenomena in the Universe – fails with us. Life never happened anywhere else before and it is unlikely to manifest anywhere else again. If you believe in your own responsibility towards Life, then you must bear this titanic burden. We must accept the awesome implications of our place in the Schemata of Things – at the Pinnacle of Creation. It is our task to carry the torch of bio-conscious essence into the frozen Void – there to ignite the Flame of Life Itself on a Billion Billion (# foregone) Worlds.
Man is made in the image of God and since this God made the Universe, it is the Manifest Destiny of Humanity to Claim His Birthright.
The Shōwa Plague-Paradigm Paradox forces us to explore and confront how the sterility of Our Universe coincides with the irrefutability of chronic, Noninvasive Visitations; which can only be penultimately interpreted as Extratemporal – and therefore Extradimensional – in nature (as Time is The Fourth Dimension). The phenomena of U.F.O. Sightings (and even Contact) are quite real because Our Descendants do, indeed, inhabit a Universe Teeming With Life – one which We, ourselves, have inexorably populated throughout Our Future…
And – of Necessity – They/We must perforce Return continuously to Our Source-World to maintain the Genetic Viability of their/our own ever-increasing Speciation and Sub-Speciation (We – Terrestrial Homo Sapiens Sapiens – are The Genetic Baseline [thusly do we Suffer the “Alien” Abduction Phenomenon]), the ever-adapting mutation(s) of their/our cattle (hence, much of the Cattle Mutilation Phenomena), and the chronically evolving nature of their/our crops (hence, some of the Crop Circle[s] Phenomena).
We are certainly Alone the Universe, but we have never been alone as a Sentient Species in our own Solar-System. Once Life appears it takes hold and never lets go – mutating and adapting with each Mass-Extinction but almost always leaving Relic-Populations of Survivors; no matter how devolved, degenerate, or feral those Remnants may be. Our Binary-Planet oasis has most certainly Spawned Sentience before us.
The Other Intelligent Species which have most certainly evolved on Our Home-World in The Past are also seeking Exmigration into Our Future (this would be because of the Singular Conditions conducive to Life on Our Planet – not in spite of them).
In The King James Version of The Bible, at Exodus 34:13 (wherein Moses has scaled Mount Sinai with a Second Pair of Stone Tablets, on which The God of Abraham will write The Ten Commandments): “For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.”
In the original Hebrew, the key words in this verse are “Shem” and “Quanna’.” Per one of the standard Biblical reference-works: “A Concise Dictionary of the Words in the Hebrew Bible,” by James Strongs – “Shem” is a noun meaning: “Name.” One of its specific denotations is: “The Name” – as designation of God. The word “Quanna’” means: “Jealous” and is applied only to God.
Other English Script the same basic thing as the King James. The New International Version Scripts it as: “Do not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.” The English Standard Version phrases it parenthetically: “(for you shall worship no other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God).” The New International Readers Version Scripts: “Do not worship any other god. I am a jealous God. In fact, my is Jealous.”
There are Other Gods, Dark Gods; Gods in whose Terrible Image Other Sentient Species have been made – and these Relic Populations Believe as well that they are Destined to Inherit Creation….
— Douglas Dietrich.
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  1. You have a very closed minded way of explaining things, but then again, you need to, as you welcome intelligent design from what it appears. I’m just puzzled how can you know what to expect from alien inteligence based on human thinking? You can’t dismiss alin life just because it suits you and you intepret the situation in such a manner. At least play smart about it, this way you just sound awfully biased.

  2. Actually in my opinion Mr. Dietrich has one of the most open minded opinions and outlooks of any person I know, especially someone so informed and experienced. I welcome you to call in to his “Firing Lines” Program, if you would like to talk to him directly. He very humbly and cordially responds to each comment made and would welcome your opinion.


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