Dream About Captured Death Star and Healing Alex Jones

Woke up busy as usual, but listening to infowars this morning saying “enemy is in full retreat” made me think again – my dream was interesting with mixes of starwars and metal gear.

There was this Death Star that was being displayed as to how big it was – far bigger than our moon, and able to open and showcase its residents  — there were Rebel ships inside.  I saw many Millennium Falcons and other craft I knew belonged ot the opposite side.  Waking up and hearing Alex Jones made me think, ‘we’ve captured the Death Star?’ and it could also mean we got the White House, too. . .  I wonder if the InfoWar audience taking the mainstream media engine will make it even bigger?

So the rest of the dream was Luke Skywalker, who was older but still the same I guess, he seemed kind of effeminate, talking with the much older emperor over their interstellar Skype.   I forget  what they said but the gestures were interesting, as Luke was sitting crosslegged and just seemed like a typical Hollywood actor.   The emperor just looked the same.

Another scene was Metal Gear, with us marching all around an enemy camp – me and another guy, I dont know who, a younger fighter.   It was the 3rd one, and we were in a Russian style military camp, my character had a very Russian look to him. 

I prayed with Alex Jones for his back, and it was miraculously healed completely.   I felt the spine and everything like golf balls moving around as I prayed, and it was perfectly aligned.   Incredible!  He suddenly had really good posture after that, and another woman nearby also got prayer for her back.  It seemed to incur immediate effects and I thought about how their faith must have been really strong.giphy

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