Dream of Enemy Operations

This dream comes after praying for the Enemy’s face to be revealed, so that we know what we are up against.

First off, upon waking the first awakening the feeling I got was “what if the enemy had gotten the ring” in LOTR.   I was in a variety of missions having to do with this and going all throughout a neighborhood meeting families.  Apparently we knew that the Devil was trying to attack families through their fathers.  I remember seeing a family with a small hut where the father and his son were living in total poverty, and one where they had enough to at least afford a proper roof over their heads.

Then there was one home where they had adopted this new technology or evil power, and the whole process of what I can only describe as a dark baptism had begun.  On a laptop screen I had open in their living room, words made from fire and lava began to appear, similar to this:

The words were various demonic meanings almost like you would see in a classic Derek Prince/Don Basham deliverance teaching.  Then I went downstairs to see if we could stop the ceremony from taking place but it was too late, the head of the household had become something I can only describe as a Balrog, one of the underground fire demons from Lord of the Rings.


The sense of urgency to stop this from taking place was so strong I woke up, but the realization I had while running into the basement.  I noticed they had posted a Frankenstein-esque guard at the door.  Although he couldn’t stop me from entering the room, the problem was this family had willingly subjected themselves to this evil technology.  Also I realized that this was a very simple process pretty much anyone could activate and welcome into their homes, so that this was going to be a nation/world-wide phenomena we were going to have to start dealing with and the demonic power of these fathers-turned-demons was going to be something to reckon with.

It was like the power of the One Ring from LOTR had mixed with the Mark of the Beast technology that everyone is going to have to decide whether or not to take.  However the interesting thing was that they were not even hiding the promotion of it being satanic, as you could see with the demonic words and manifestations of these lava-covered demons.

In a recent Spirit-Wars broadcast Joy shared a dream regarding a demonic panther wanting to devour adults who had become children who were in her care (from TFI) and afterwards we prayed to start unmasking the Enemy.  So I think this may be a manifestation of that as we head into darker and darker times of warfare and combat before the Lord’s return.

The rest of the dream interestingly also dovetailed with some other “Spirit-Traveling” saints, including a large high tech underground mansion with numerous accommodations and also locked doors which were sealed with a card key reader.  I was a visitor there but also checking to make sure different doors were locked.  The hallways were so long you could literally use them for exercise if you were into jogging.

Yesterday Tony Floyd and I made an agreement to go and use a key we found in a cave to lock some hell gates, so this seems to match.  Then I saw a brother I know is practicing deception and he took his glasses off, and I saw they were all white as though he were almost blind or completely blind.  I was witnessing to a girl telling her we were almost ready to start networks of trustworthy brethren worldwide with which you could serve the Lord together with.

Dreams don’t always obey normal linear time-space laws and so it can be a bit of a jumble to read, and I haven’t figured out what all these details mean, but anyway there it is!   Let us continue to do battle and overcome the forces of darkness through the power of our King Jesus!



My brother Eugene sent me this one minute after posting the above article!

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