Dream of Falling and Rising Idols, Bill Gates Weird Porsche

Dreamed of a troubled sea with churning waters  that became like rapids in certain places.  It had a special name for that area.  I saw a girl on a canoe entering there and screaming in fear as her boat often almost toppled over, but she continued on anyway.  That’s when I saw huge rocks coming out of the water directly in front of her – a mountain was coming out of the sea!  Her boat nearly hit one and then was caught up by another that lifted her up out of the water high into the air, but slow enough that she could get her bearing.   She was barefoot and kept saying ‘hothothothothot’ as she walked along but seemed to be ok, i figured her dress or something could keep her from burning her feet.    Next thing I knew the mountain grew super high and was a brand new statue — of 4 famous black people in pop culture, like the Jackson family, and then one new icon, like Kanye or someone in recent times.   It was a giant statue that was fresh from under the earth, like it was made out of volcanic rock.  

Later I was shown a giant gold statue resting on its back on a cliff, it was named something like Alderan or Arcturus and I know the name meant one of the older Greek gods.  I grabbed the statue and pulled with all my might, somehow I was either really big or really strong and watched as it fell into the ocean, plunging to the bottom.   I dove down to look at it and wondered if anyone would ever even know it was there, and that the ocean must be full of these ancient gods that once towered over man.  Then I got that it was the greek statue of the one who stood over ships crossing into the sea from a river — in the dream I could also not remember the name….   After looking it up I found it was called the Colossus of Rhodes, and the god was representing Helios.

I felt the meaning of the dream was obvious, up till there —   the old idols man worshiped are falling away but the brand new one that stood almost completely immovable was this worship of BLM.  Despite the simplicity of this interpretation, I would still interject that the whole dream was hyper realistic and almost too real, and I was just witnessing some historic events.   There was also a sense of wonder of how many other giant statues have fallen into the ocean that no one knows about.  

After this I had a run in with Bill Gates.  Yeah, that was weird, as he had apparently sold me his old porsche, and was then coming to this property where I was living/working in his other porsche, and he had a friend in the front hood.  I literally know nothing about cars except the few that I’ve owned, and this idea of having a compartment in the front hood was weird to me in the dream.   I looked it up and this is normal with porsche, especially classic ones.   What was stranger was that Gates’ porsche only had one seat.  I also looked this up, and its a very rare model – 1959 Porsche 718/2 RSK Spyder that was sort of a race car/sports car.   The car was silver in the dream, and apparently Gates and his poor friend (who reminded me of one of my father’s colleagues from university) were unable to park as my porsche was in the way.   I walked up to them and took his key and for a confused second offered my key, but then realized they wanted me to drive their car and get it parked, so this I did.  Getting into the porsche was difficult as I’m quite tall and additionally my weight was such that with the guy in the trunk, I could hardly drive over the gravel road without scratching the bottom of the collector’s model car.   I explained this to them and Gates complained about people like me being as big as I was and how their generation people weren’t so big and they could fit in these smaller cars.   What a Eugenicist he is!  Anyway we got the car parked and I ended up following them around for a while, they were like two kids just enjoying their day.   There was a sense of danger, though, as I vaguely recall I was covering up for someone like ALlison my sister who had done something they would not have liked, and I was buttering up Gates and his associate and some other people in charge there to distract them, telling them compliments and basically spying on them.  They were pretty arrogant and somehow did not seem to suspect me.  They walked into a 7-11 and were getting drinks, and I remember they said something like “this generation doesn’t know how to do things properly, we just want to grab our drink and go, they seem so indecisive like they don’t know what they want” and that’s all I remember.

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