Dream of Satanic Underground Child-Sacrifice Facility

Dream of Satanic “Satan’s Home” underground child-sacrifice facility

This is a dream I had after talking with Alan Davenport last night, the “Prophet of the Fringe” and in the middle of quite a bit of SRA research and conversations. 

It was some sort of mission but it got really twisted.  I was working deep under-cover and walking with Jennifer where she was telling me various ways she had been involved in satanic abuse from her childhood.  The more she told me the angrier I got.  I went to work, pretending to help clean up and pulled open a box and found it to be full of body parts.  I looked deep inside and saw a dead body, as if it were a morgue where they were also getting away with the most extreme possible forms of torture and human mutilation.

We needed to go, suddenly as there were many evil cult members coming from the lower levels up to us to slaughter us, and I tried calling the FBI or police, and used the phone but wasn’t able to get through.  At this point I knew the location was called “Satan’s Home INC” or something like this.  It was then that the cult people receded back into the lower levels and we had some semblance of peace again, but the people who worked there were all extremely perverted and twisted, often going to the bathroom to have sex with each other.  I walked in a bathroom and saw one man with an awful skin problem and deformities, waiting for another worker to show up and they were obviously going to have sex.  I pretended just to be passing through, washed my hands and left, and they both gave me sarcastic remarks. 

Then at one point I found my daughter Kaja was in a dance class in the facility, and she was quite a bit taller than last I’d seen her.  I picked her up and held her and we both cried, but then her mother was nearby somewhere and she was afraid of her mother and what she would do.

Eventually it was time to go, for real this time and the walkways made this very difficult, made out of very expensive materials.  Someone had invested a lot of money into this place and you sensed it was like an elite underground thing.  The materials reminded me of something I’d seen at a few Masonic hideout temples here in Honolulu while biking around. 

The entire dream just felt like an infiltration and exposure of Satan’s kingdom, and when I woke up I found my wife Jennifer had been speaking and singing in tongues fighting off an evil presence all night, although she could not remember her dream.

Truly we are storming Satan’s strongholds and rescuing the children!  Pray for us, pray for Kaja. . . we will see victory against the dark ones who hide their council from the Lord and say “who will see us?”   The Lord shall laugh and hold them in derision (PSALM 2)

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