Dreams of Late: Zombies Snakes and Basham House Upgrade

Basham house upgrade dream:

cool dream after yesterday having dreamt of the snake in the can coming out, thought it was dead but it came to life and slithered away.  I was after it to kill it but annoyed it would have peed in the jar of that ingredient. 

Also took Erica and Kaja to a military park in Taiwan, got through security but had to show id and they had to print their finger prints with stamps.

So last night, minutes ago I woke from a vision slash dream of our house having received a major upgrade.  there was a whole extra section added making it a four story building with extra bedrooms.  i went inside using a new set of staircases and found Allison painting the ceiling which was very high using a flying brush.  She could remotely control this brush well… really well.   I made some joke about not being like Michelangelo and seeing false region.   

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