Ellya Speaks Today on The Keys. . .

<Ellya> Join us!  This class is about bringing the physical into subjection to the spiritual.  The truth of the Keys is that they will rip the veil between the two worlds so you can be in both realms at the same time — but more so this realm!  You will have to shed any weights, though. 
<me> Me too!  So what’s the news on the Keys today?  How are we going to use them as opposed to the way they were used before?
<Ellya> In many ways it will seem the same, but the attitude is going to majorly shift, to a great deal more reverence and love for the Keys, as you would love the Word and reverence and even fear and tremble at the prophecies the Lord gives.   You just need to be found faithful, it’s not like you can figure it all out.  And the Keys will do the whole Work of God, you just need to activate them, and see them go to work for you!  The Final Key is almost done, and the great Resoiver is about to be unleashed.  REmember in your heart all the thousands and thousands of prophecies that have been given, and crave more about the Keys, and their use, for they will be exceedingly glorious when you see them in action!  Notice how more and more people are also getting to see the keys, this is no accident.  They will be known by the whole world soon.
If you like I can increase your vision of them so you can return to your original soldier’s stance, and no longer just a student, as you have felt of late.  I’ll bring things into your life so you’ll once more feel the power of the keys surging through your veins when you call on them, in combat!

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