Enjoying life and having fun amongst the spiritual war and Jesuit war

Those who have read my articles know that I write a lot about the: the Jesuit order, spiritual warfare, Christian spirituality, conspiracies and other alternative ideas. It is true that the world is a in spiritual battle and the Jesuit’s are in a war with true Christian’s and humanity, and I do think it’s important to address these issues. However we cannot let these things consume us, and we cannot let them stop us from having fun and enjoying life. I recently watched a video by Christian missionary, Michael Basham, who said that, even though there is a spirit war going on, we don’t have to be so serious and we can still have fun and enjoy life. I totally agree with the comments of Michael Basham, life is meant to be enjoyed, and we should try and get the most out of life while we’re here.

From a personal perspective, I do investigate a lot of things and write extensively about a variety of serious issues, but I am still just a normal everyday person and I like to have fun and enjoy life. I think to have a fulfilling life, you really need to find a balance between these things. One thing I like to do is watch sports and I am looking forward to the coming boxing match between, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, athletes of this caliber inspire me to be a better person and to excel in life. I am looking forward to going to a sports bar and having a few drinks and watching this fight. Life doesn’t always have to be so serious, and we don’t always have to watch out for demons jumping out of the bushes all the time. If you allow the devil and the Jesuit’s to steal your joy and fun in life, you have allowed them to win. Yes we need to be aware of them to help us in our spiritual walk, but you can still have fun and enjoy life. You can go to parties, watch sporting events, compete in sports, watch a good movie, go to a concert or even save up for a high performance sports car.

One of my future goals is to save up for a high performance sports car, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this as a Christian. In the future I would like to own a: Lamborghini, Ferrari, GTR or something that performs with a lot of power. I really enjoy driving cars and going on road trips, and I think doing a road trip in a high performance car would be awesome fun.

I also enjoy going to the beach and have always had fun there. I think having fun is a key part in spiritual warfare as well. By having fun and enjoying life, your basically saying to the devil, “I don’t care about you Satan, I am enjoying life and having fun and you cannot steal my joy!”

If you are a Christian and your fighting the good fight for Jesus Christ, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy life!

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  1. Hmm, that’s funny my last comment didn’t seem to get through maybe. Blessings on you brother for your gusto and prowess in fighting these guys! I’m also trying to relax whenever possible and just ENJOY the Lord and His blessings in our lives, although it’s always tempting to go back out there and do some more fighting.

    One of the things that initially attracted me to join the Family in the first place was just the humor that I saw between brethren. Although it does say in the Bible we need to be careful and not let “corrupt communication proceed between us” in Ephesians 4 and 5 I don’t think that means we aren’t allowed to have mirth! One of my favorite writers, who although loosely Catholic was someone that seemed to exist completely outside the normal spectrum of things (like Grandpa David, or Dad as some people called him) was G.K. Chesterton. I used to read Chesterton as a young man and very much found release in the humor and wit in all his writings. David Berg too had a sense of humor in all his teachings and MO Letters, if you read him. But the One with the greatest sense of humor of all by far is our Lord Jesus! I’ve had dreams with him, as well as some of my brethren that seem to confirm this. Chesterton used to wonder about that.

    . . . gosh I just feel inspired right now to post this, I know it’s a bit of a rambling talk but when I get into Chesterton, Berg and now what God is doing today I just can’t help it!!!


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