This comes on the 29th of August, just as AJ is having been banned for over 2 weeks now and is actually getting in touch with more mainstream speakers like Ann Coulter.  I detected some weariness in yesterday’s show and was thinking about how praying for him is so important and that we may have a soul tie as I have been a loyal listener for years.

Today the dream was truly epic.  The scene with AJ was interesting because it was like the game StarFox where you’re underwater traveling in a small submarine shaped like a fish.  There were all these little enemies (lies?) that were easily stoppable by the pellets and lasers coming from your craft, and although it was AJ I felt like it was also all of us truth movement people who have been Red Pilled.  Finally though, as those games also are, we reached teh final destination where the boss was.  I was enjoying the game with my daughter Kaja, too so apparently we were in another dimension watching it.  The last boss was this devilish face and beast that had been at the bottom of the sea (the Bible talks about a Beast from the sea being the AntiChrist) and it started to attack our little fish AJ but suddenly the fish transformed into a super agile but powerful tank that could easily travel across teh bottom of the ocean.

This tank could launch devastating volleys of missiles and pummel the beast which had a long body and was very intelligent and very evil and very proud.  It tried to get at the tank but could not.  Then it rose out of the sea and this little tank was able to transform again into something else, or it was just a man and was still able to grapple with this beast in the air, and the feeling of zooming all around was so exhilarating I could almost not stay in the dream.   Down below was the boat full of our friends waiting us and they seemed safe, as I later learned the boat was invisible. (the church/woman is given a place in the wilderness to hide?)

I just felt the amazing nature of this fight as the beast and I guess Alex Jones (but we were all able to see this epic battle out in the middle of the ocean from his eyes) continued to grapple, attacking and at last causing this beast to retreat in shame.  Then AJ/us fell to the sea and were looking for the cloaked boat, and although there were sharks in the middle of the sea there was a supreme sense of joy and laughter and thrill from the battle which was just unavoidable.


This comes just after the Pope is being called to resign for overwhelming abuse of children going on under the Vatican’s eye  from Pennsylvania and surely worldwide.

We must be somehow exposing this dark devil the AntiChrist Beast System and boy are we having fun doing it! 

In another scene in the dream I was in Nepal sitting down with a Japanese guy who knew all about Nepal.  Kaja was there with us playing and doing exercise stretches.   This was extremely cute and I was so proud of her, telling her also how proud I was (I haven’t talked with Kaja in over a month now, since she was forcefully taken away by abusive kidnappers from a sex cult in Taiwan and this was covered up by the Taiwanese legal system).

The entire dream was full of the thrill and joy of the Lord, though and although the situations were dangerous, and even in Nepal I wasn’t sure what was goign on, I felt such a peaceful feeling.   There was a mountain that had a little farm house on it, shaped like a pyramid with the top level fo the mountain flattened out to make room for this house.  A farmer was taking large pieces of soil… no, branches out from under this tarp behind their house and placing it over some kind of a cooking apparatus.  I was wondering at this and thinking how clever they were to just clear away the top part of a mountain and make it a little place you could live.  I was carefully noting the edges of the mountain and thinking about how it might be that some people are afraid to do this because the edges of their mountains could slip away due to erosion.  Still, it was a cute little farm house and the Japanese or Nepali people were working hard.  I somehow felt completely comfortable to slip right into gear and help them with the work there, walking into a rustic kitchen and following the farmer who was carrying the plant.  The Japanese who had sat with me and Kaja told me a little about the history of China with the Nepali people, and how there was often a pressure from China to try and take them over but they never succeeded.   

The dream had a lot of other aspects but this was the main thrust of things. 

I will sometimes get personal prophecy to ask the Lord what the heck is going on in the world/my life/ dreams and events like this. . .

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