Epic Endgame Dreams and Revelations

I LOOKED OUT THE WINDOW and saw what I thought was a massive grey cloud passing over the apartment building, but then realized it was actually a rock face, like the moon, stretching on and on impossibly far into the distance.  It seemed to just barely be missing the top of the building.  Then I saw that there were smaller rocks floating towards the house, and one came straight for the window, but only gentle bumped the glass.  It’s shape was that of a greek goddess, almost an impossible shape for a rock to have naturally, with just the bust.

It only tapped against the glass a few times and didn’t break it, so I reached out and grabbed the floating rock and brought it inside, setting it on a shelf.  I did the same with another rock that floated towards our little apartment. Later on these rocks became something so important and were highly sought after, as a major major war was about to break out.

Next thing I remember there was mass chaos and crime and death, with the sky littered with alien attack vehicles.  I saw lots of military scattered around trying to fight them but there were not enough soldiers, so even some civilians I knew were manning machine guns and taking out alien ships.  People were committing murder and trying to cover it up or pass it off as part of a movie prop, but were getting caught… and doing it anyway, so there were bodies flowing around in a massive water flood.  My brother was there, quite a bit younger and I spent a lot of time with him and my Estonian grandfather was also alive and at home, I recall.  The dream took hours it seemed and much of it I can’t recall but the feeling was of extreme danger and importance for all of us involved to face this threat, and yet the meaningfulness of it was such that we could still laugh and enjoy ourselves at times.

I was trying to re-enact South Park Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo even in the midst of the chaos, and yet while this was going on I was seeing video surveillance of many areas of extreme damage and warfare.

I went outside and saw a Russian made super sonic giant aircraft that said “Nikita” in big letters on its side and had Chinese writing on it, and then got into the battle again.  The enemy alien attack craft were everywhere but they weren’t always necessarily fighting unless you found a weapon and started shooting at them.  They managed to float in the sky and had different shapes, some like giant barracudas all grouped together and some like floating castles that had intricate designs of white technology reaching all the way down to a small boat that impossibly was able to hold up the entire structure.  These had huge tubes which would trumpet incredibly loud calls over and over and over again, like the sound of a barge trumpet except much louder and continuous.

A friend of mine named Jeff was manning a machine gun set on a truck and was attacking some smaller ships flying by which I couldn’t make out, and was then himself made a target.  I admired him for his courage and noticed how he was already a veteran in such short time, looked at me and was like “hey get your own weapon!”  and continued to fight.

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