"Ex Illuminati Magic Bloodline Family member SPEAKS OUT!"

Just got in touch with Nathan, hoping to interview him on Fringe Radio Network soon!

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  1. After watching this video I could only ponder how many kids each year go through either Nate’s type of childhood or end up like Jessica in pieces. The number is likely higher now, but a few years ago I saw a report online that detailed that 300 000 children per year go missing in the USA. The report was the testimony of some witches who’d been saved out of it, and wanted to sound the alarm. I know Dr. Bill Schnoebelen (whose testimony on YouTube as “Exposing the Illuminati From Within” in either 2 2-hour parts or 1 @ 4 hr, is well worth the watching) on his site withoneaccord.org is always sounding the warnings especially at times of satanic / occult feasts because he shares that at those times children need to be covered /protected by the blood of Jesus due to the high incidents of “disappearance” around those times. He names the dates / feasts and provides resources free to help combat. Some of them are as follows – Yule, Candelmas, Beltaiine, Samhain, St. Valentines Day, Lughnasa, Maton, Imbolg, etc – here’s a partial list http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/cienciareal/cienciareal20.htm
    note the human sacrifices at appointed times


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