Excellent Prophecy to the Endtime Bride

You, My brides, have now entered a new era, a new level in dedication and discipleship… a new level in power through what I have placed in your hands, and so have you opened a new level and echelon of power from My Heavenly resources to aid you. Be encouraged, My loves, and let your faith leap by what you see before you, for a never before magnificence and awesome power has been released unto you!
17. Each angel, at the touch of your faith and request of your lips, will escort you into the future. They are in control of all that each of My brides will need in activating the power now placed in your hands. At the command of your faith they will work from the spirit world to perform miracles on your behalf. And because you, My faithful brides, will not use the power given you for your own purposes or glory but only as a means of reaching My lost ones and reaping the harvest before you, any impossibility before you will be bridged.
18. The first angel stands charge over the power to perform miracles of any form for My glory and in reaching those that are Mine. One of these is the gift of healing, which you now have. Be not afraid to use this power for My glory. You must access it in full faith and not be intimidated or fearful to possess this power, for you have it within your hands. This is My promise to you.
19. The second stands charge over the ability and power to accurately discern and reveal My secrets, including the events of the Last Days. Each step ahead of you will be revealed clearly, plainly, and in truth. There will be nothing withheld from you or kept from you, My beloved brides, that you have the need to see or know.
20. The third angel stands charge over the power to discern and see deeply into people’s hearts and spirits. He also has the power to inflame and activate and turn your hearts toward seeking out, winning, and feeding My lost as never before! He will escort you into a mighty Activated explosion around the world!
21. Finally? the fourth and last angel has been given charge over My chosen vessels-My Maria and Peter-upon whom much anointing will fall. Theirs will be a great calling, stirring and empowerment, and a great stepping out. A great power will fill them as they don the mantle of leading My brides into the coming era.
22. You, My little ones, My Bride of the End, will have the power to perform great miracles for My glory! You? My ragged ones, will now stand up among My children as leaders in the Christian world. No longer will you hide behind the skirts of another, or be intimidated by the gifts and outward apparel of power and popularity worn by My other children of the churches. This is your day to shine, My loves? your day to come out from behind the curtains and reveal yourselves as My chosen and anointed ones to lead My saved and redeemed children through the darkness of night ahead.
23. This period of time will cause a great turning of the eyes of all My children unto you, My Bride. For now you will be revealed. You will step out from My bedchamber as those who carry the strength and anointing, the insight and discernment needed to stand up against the wrath of the Evil One and his coming kingdom on Earth.
These next years will see a great falling away from the faith among My children of the churches…of those who are nominally Mine. As I have released this new power into your hands, so the Evil One has released his minions, his archdemons? whose power will cause a mighty dulling, a mighty blinding of the eyes of those who care not, and who have turned from Me and from seeking My truth. This will cause them to cleave as never before to themselves, to the ways of the world, and to the works of their own hands. (End of message from Jesus)
29. (Mama:) This should serve as another reminder that the tremendous power and spirit helpers that the Lord is giving us are for a purpose! This is not a figment of our imagination. This is real. There are definite powerful promises attached to the keys of the Kingdom, and these new activated angels have a specific mission. Please ask the Lord to open your eyes to the spirit world so you can appreciate how truly magnificent the Lord’s plan is, which should increase your motivation to use the power at your disposal.
30. He’s giving us these awesome gifts because we need them. We’re entering a new level in dedication and discipleship; we will face bigger battles, stronger foes in the spirit world, and therefore the Lord has equipped us with a new level of power and released this new echelon of Heavenly beings to aid us. Several specific gifts come with the release of these four activated angels: (1) the ability to perform miracles, (2) discernment to see and understand the Lord’s secrets, including the unfolding of Endtime events? (3) a guide to escort us into a worldwide witnessing and Activated explosion, and (4) a new spirit being who has been given charge over Peter and me.

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