Exposing Pizzagate

​thanks Gonz!
Third try posting this. Someone is messing with my internet connection when I try to hit “post.”
392 kids missing in Virginia (population 8+ million) between 2015-2016. 
The top of the list is California (population 39+ million) with 592 kids missing in the same window of time. 
Virginia is number 2 on the list of missing kids but far lower on the list of population. 
Interestingly enough, the number of kids who are reported missing in Virginia skyrocket in the months of October and November. 
After single digits throughout most of the year, 44 kids are reported missing in October. And an alarming 74 reported missing in November. Coincidence? Impossible IMO. 
Even more, about half of these missing kids cases do not have a photo identifier. Something again that’s uniquely anomalous to Virginia. 
Will the church please stand up on this and tell your congregations to pray against this evil!

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    1. Oh yes! Wow that’s almost a sign, when that happens, you know? Great we are in touch to this day, and exciting to see where the Lord takes us next! I’ve heard pizzagate is just the tip of the iceberg. Correction: Gonz had trouble posting, not I.


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