Fantastic Teleportation Dream Just Had

Pretty Radical Dream:
There was the prevailing technology of teleportation everywhere:
First off, I had a Portal gun, or rather these two disks you could throw and teleport through each, orange and blue, just like the game.  I was trying to demonstrate it to a girl who was fascinated and a little bit terrified by the prospect at the same time.  We were in a room at night kind of doing it in secret, but I had great fun showing her how it was done.
Then later I remember having a cell phone which could teleport you very easily.  You just keyed in the coordinates anywhere, and it would teleport you there.  I decided to go to Japan, one night, and told my friends I was going to Japan.  They asked me for gifts and presents, so I was trying to not forget to bring each one a present.  I ended up in Japan, I guess, because later on I remember lots of details from japan, and eating lunch with Miwako and her mother (and also Gabe!  And I think Yuuji was there too…)
Gabe and I were kind of fighting over this apple crumble that tasted fantastic, and I believe it was Donavan who made it for us.  I brought out the teleportation cell phone and asked if anybody knew about it yet.  Donavan was kind of skeptical about the whole deal, calling it “conspiracy junk” or something, but I tried to argue it and say  “even the Japanese Prime Minister Yukio something something” is using it and is in to it!”
Miwako was being her usual quiet, humble self.  She said how her mom always made her eat a ton at every meal, and likewise Yuuji said the same thing.
Next thing I was walking down a hill from the cabin – style resteraunt where we were all eating, and I took out my phone.  I felt bored, so I just typed in some random location on a map in America somewhere.  It started to load up the teleporter, and as it did it also said where I was exactly going to be teleported TO.  It said how many feet in the air:  230 feet or some huge number like that, above such and such a location.  I quickly canceled the teleportation, not wanting to die!  I didn’t’ know how to cope with the high distances yet, as my aim with the gun (somehow it could shoot) wasn’t good enough and I didn’t feel ready yet.
My mom was with me, and I told her about how teleporting was.  I also noted to her how time was different when you used it, so I was actually a lot older now even though I was in the same timeline with everyone.  I explained how I could go somewhere for a couple weeks, and then come back on the day I had left, so I was going to get older gradually.  My mom was someone else, for some reason, and she was very understanding and curious about how it worked.
So anyway!  That’s my teleportation dream!  Cooollllll…..

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