Five Unusual Answers by Bob Mumford

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  1. I can easily remember the heydays of the early 70s when New Wine magazine was published, and the group composed of Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Don Basham, Lester Sumrall, Ern Baxter, and possibly later Charles Simpson were “all the talk” of Christian circles. Now some of it was due to their teaching regarding “Shepherding” which became controversial. In retrospect, seeing as Paul said, “we see now as in a glass darkly” then even such prestigious people in ministry as the aforementioned group, can make mistakes. But I look at it like this, AT LEAST THEY WERE SEEKING TO GROW BY SEARCHING OUT NEW VISTAS IN FAITH, and they were also seeking to edify others – not start a cult or anything. As with all these types of endeavours there’s some truth to it, mixed with some human interpretation based on their own understanding, and if everyone would be as Bob said, exhibiting agape love while being Berean like in searching the scriptures, then the truth contained would be found out and used to edify all, and that which is not in accordance with the scripture would just be discarded. We see the same type of backlash in opereation today as people like L A Marzulli, Steve Quayle, Justen Faull, Tim Alberino, etc try to decipher and uncover that which they believe will edify the body of Christ, by exposing the LIE that has been disseminated for centuries that covers up the true hisotry, and promotes the fake history most of us were told.

    1. If only more like you had continued the walk since leaving the movement! One of our guests Richard Dalton who I was most blessed to interview had also gone through Covenant and “shepherded” my mom and dad, but since went on to continue serving the Lord in various ways. Isn’t it strange how many people give up when once a group is finished? It sometimes makes one wonder how strong the base was, of believers. We really have to establish a stronger base with each other and build each other up, just in case another group arises, in whatever form. Let’s definitely repost all the teachings we can find from those days, though, as I believe much of it was extremely foundational and in retrospect we won’t repeat a lot of the mistakes. I’ve already spoken with Johnny Iron of the Iron Show and he welcomed me to start putting all Don Basham and Ern Baxter stuff up on my SpiritWars show on the Fringe Radio Network. Woohoo!!!


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