Flying Blind

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  1. I intend to check out the whole thing Mike, but just by what you preface here, I can relate. I encounter a lot of the same type of issues. I was with a brother I grew up with, whom our family helped lead to Christ, who lives 3 hours north of me. He came down today to spend the day with me in the “iron sharpens iron” mode of scripture. We spent 5.5 hours at my place sharing and discussing, then we went to a restaurant for a buffet supper, We spent over and hour and a half there discussing (and ears at tables all around us were listening, so I guess you could say we were witnessing too), even more! I will have to make a blog post about the subject matter, but one thing I’ll mention is we talked about Christ being formed in us as believers, about working out our salvation progressively each day, and how the Body may have many members (fingers, toes, eyes, etc) but IT ONLY HAS ONE HEAD – CHRIST. We talked about how the body today is actually functioning in antiChrist mode. You see anti can mean opposing, but it also can mean “in place of”, or “instead of” i.e “replacing”. They subconsciously (I’m assuming) have opted for the ancient Hebrews model of relationship, by substituting an intermediary / go between , between Christ / GOD and themselves. He’s called “Pastor” – and they view him as the guy who gets the instruction / message / plan aka collectively “the deal” from YHWH and Christ to give them in a few minutes on Sunday. Pastors for the most part, rely on seminary / bible school education in things like hermeneutics to teach. (an aside: they don’t know that hermeneutics is derived from the Greek god Hermes who was the same as the Egyption Thoth, god of writing, instruction, knowledge, etc)

    1. thank you for your kind comment David. I’m glad you were able to derive some benefit from it. Later today I will try to distill into a post for my blog some thoughts further to this topic. 🙂


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