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You are my very life, my breath, the joy of my heart! You put the twinkle in my eye, the sparkle in my smile, a song on my lips as I sing to You. I sing because You make me happy, I sing because I’m free. I sing unto You, my King and Lord. All glory and praise be Yours!
I run to You! I cling to You! You are my greatest desire! I bare myself before You, stripped of outer garments, waiting patiently for You in the bed of love, yielding my all to You in total surrender. Ravish me with Your Love from head to toe! Thrill me and fill me to the highest heights in ecstasies beyond the natural realm of mortal men.
You are my all in all, the Lover of all loves. You fill my every longing. Oh, how I love You so! Just to be in Your presence is my reward.
You continue to give and give Your wonderful, ravishing Love without measure. I want more and more and more! Fill me and thrill me to overflowing! I’m Yours! All praise and honor and glory are Yours, my dearest forever Love.
I praise You for Your great Love, for always being there! You never let me down. Others can fail, the whole world can fail, but You never fail. I’m so blessed!
(To Jesus with Love 1)

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