Fringe Radio Network News FRNN with Johnny Iron!

IN A WORLD OF FAKE NEWS, only FRNN can deliver the truth they’ve been hiding from YOU!  Join us in this virgin broadcast of the hottest latest and fringiest news on the planet with Johnny Iron, Eric Anderson and myself!

First Impressions:

Michael TobinMichael Tobin Staring intently at your news faces whilst listening and eating fish and sausage so I can have my pudding.  Who found the news desk? Is that from the Mary Tyler Moore Show? I want it

John McMahonJohn McMahon We decided to go with the early seventies news theme and sound…. I made the intro sound like it was coming out of an old TV set
Michael TobinMichael Tobin brother that is a totally brilliant idea for a show you guys were flawlessDaniel SnyderEric Anderson Awesome! I love it!  Stay Classy FRNN!
Eric AndersonDaniel Snyder CNN gonna have some stiff competition now.

FRINGE RADIO NETWORK NEWS – with your anchormen, Johnny Iron and Michael Basham.  And  FRINGE SCIENCE correspondent, Eric Anderson reporting.

We would like thank and credit the Huffington Post for providing many of the stories in this session.

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