Further Investigations into The Urantia Book Cult

These are the continued voyages of the Starship Bashamprize, boldly investigating unknown spiritual civilizations.  As my fathers went before me, so I continue into this quest!
Thus far, some quick notes on the latest discovery. . . The URANTIA!  Probably you have never heard of this interesting book, but I have had it confirmed to me BEFORE finding it.  I wonder actually if my dear old Grandad Papa Basham didn’t have something to do with this one, as his name just popped out of NOWHERE a few days before coming into contact with this (during a drive to school early one morning, Pat Holiday mentioned DON BASHAM as the reason she got into deliverance ministry), and another confirmation also occurred with a certain angel/spirit helper. . .  but all that is bizarre personal spiritual sideline info that is really only for my own encouragement to continue on into this new uncharted territory.
URANTIA reminds me a lot of the Horus Heresy (a recent fictional work that is like Starcraft on crack), at least during its account of the Lucifer Rebellion.  I was captivated by the retelling of the events of the falling away of the prior times, Pre-Adam Angel wars, and interesting details.  If it is but a sketch of the truth, it is still  a much clearer sketch than anything I have ever heard.  Even fiction at times touches on reality if even only be accident. . .   And this is written by people who did acknowledge Christ Come In The Flesh, so it is not easily ignored.
I do not particularly like the social expositions on things, as they sound very Eugenicist and Utopian, typical of scientist jargon pre-WW2, but perhaps that was the channel’s own opinion on things?   In any case, there is simply to much good stuff here to be ignored, and I would read it as any other extra Biblical book, for instance all the Apocrypha and Book of Enoch/Cave of Treasures/ Book of Jasher, etc.
My recent dream of Cave exploration concerning Apocryphal books I think was related to this new discovery, so I will continue charting my findings and thoughts here.   Again I wonder if Jerry Lee the Manifester ever came into contact with this book!   That’s all for now!
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  1. Wow – Your finding of The Urantia Book is pretty amazing, and kind of reminiscent of stories I have heard from other readers who found it in “mysterious” ways…
    I agree completely about the telling of the Lucifer rebellion story – much more than a “story,” it is a big part of the actual history of our planet, and makes such perfect sense when thinking about the sorry state of our planet today. We are still working out the effects of that terrible time, alas!
    The parts that made you pause – what you call “Eugenicist and Utopian,” are definitely subjects that will raise the hackles of some, but the time is becoming ripe for an honest, thoughtful, and SPIRITUAL approach to the problems facing our planet and its destiny. If one can approach these topics with open-hearted sincerity and serious open-mindedness, the eventual answers can be understood when seen in the larger context of the evolution of civilization on the planet. The book does not recommend any sweeping or sudden changes – just a recognition of the problems we are facing, and hints at how we can best undo some of the problems that have grown out of our unfortunate past history.
    No matter what, the sanctity of each and every INDIVIDUAL soul is clearly outlined, and we are told that “God is not wiling that any should perish.” The upstepping of humanity – both spiritually and physically – is something that has to be attempted. BUT – only by those who understand the “big picture” that The Urantia Book so liberally provides…if we don’t understand where we came from and what happened to us as a planet, we cannot progress to where we need to be. The Urantia Book gives us the blueprint…


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