Galaxy Buster Rush!

THE AIR WAS FULL OF EXPECTANCY.   Fredrick was saying something, I didn’t recall the last word because of some sort of change in the atmosphere.   Eleneth typically wasn’t this quiet.  Looking around, I saw the usual majesty of an impossible but true landscape – mountains in the distance and a dome of see-through pearl enclosing the atmosphere and keeping it separated from the giant void of space.  All around me were gardens, some small and some large, placed in little lots, and it was in the midst of these Fredrick and I talked.  But the strangest thing was the floating buildings.  The majority of the residents had gone, and more were leaving.
“Will they come back?”  I asked.
“Should they come back?”  He replied.  He looked at me reverently.   “Queen Captain, . . . “
“I’ve asked you to not call me that!  Eva will do fine.”  I said. This title thing was getting out of hand.
“If the people of this city are leaving, it will leave many of the lots open and ready to receive new residents.  The city rests at around 10,000 max population.”
“They are sick of living on the field?  I thought this place was fantastic, it’s too bad.  O.K. I’m ready now, take me back to my throne.
Fredrick didn’t need to explain any further.   It was obvious this formerly Heavenly-Proxy City was dwindling in size mainly due to the intensity of the battle in recent months.  I couldn’t blame them, either.  We were all spiritually exhausted and in need of refilling.  Through the dome it was obvious there was a major battle taking place, and I needed to get back to my main job of overseeing things from the “Captain Throne.”  I sighed watching a few more ships– I mean houses float away, enter into large bubbles and zip back into the Heavenly City.
Eleneth was a delightful little city set in lush rolling hills and a collection of mountains which had been by request taken from the New Jerusalem and placed atop a Heavenly Battleship, the StarLion.  The ship had a captain, actually many captains but now I was taking the helm, as the previous one had largely lost interest in the job.  So many residents had disappeared.
“So crazy, right as we are entering into our finest hour!”  I said as I strolled along, the wind causing my blue and gold royal robes to flow behind me.  Despite the Heavenly Culture here, I actually felt sad.  I was never supposed to captain this ship!
“Just focus on the job at hand, Queen Captain.”  Fredrick said again, now finally getting on my nerves.
But before I could retort, the closest thing we had on board to an actual alarm suddenly went off.  The air itself spoke to you, telling you there was an emergency in progress, requiring immediate intercession.  Fredrick ordered a cab-chariot and soon we were off to the town square.  I saw Nancy down below waving us down, despite the situation looking calm and unperturbed.
“What do you think it is this time, Freddie boy?”   I said as our chariot zoomed down to the ground amidst impossibly-colored “galaxy flowers”, which would take a long time to describe.
“I’ve heard we’re making contact with some of the remote ground platoons during this trip, but you’ll have to look at the memo, I can’t be sure.”  he said matter-of-factly, in his usual detached voice.  Fredrick and I had been friends for a long time, since I had first come here.  I didn’t think I would be put in this “royal position” with him practically escorting me everywhere and reminding me of important to-do’s on the agenda, but that’s just how they turned out.
We stepped into the bed of flowers, which had once been a large mansion of previous Eleneth-ites before they had decided to take off.  Nancy hugged both of us with extreme exuberance, as though she had never hugged people much before and had just discovered the joy of it, and was compensating for many years of not hugging like this.
“You guys made it in record time!  God bless you guys!!”  she exclaimed.  “Right this way please, I’ve had my team prepare a run down of the battle plan.”
We entered into one of the last remaining structures in the governing district of Eleneth, which was shaped like a cross at the base and became a tower topped by a diamond shaped structure that was physically too big to be sitting on top of it, but hey there it was!
Within that diamond were offices and rooms for meetings and different activities having to do with the city, but we didn’t go there.  Instead, surrounded by the lavish furnishings and decorations within the building, the entire floor gave way, and started to move downward.  This was one of the many elevators that took you into the high tech facilities of the massive Heavenly Battleship, StarLion.   The light and everything was different the further you went down, and we passed through a rocky jewel-filled “crust” under the city of Eleneth, and entered a massive garage of spaceships and series of war council rooms, cleverly designed within the garages so that those who met there could also oversee some of the deployment of Heaven’s finest fighting craft.
“Eva, Fredrick, and friends – you’ll be joined by some of the finest on our Board of Directors – we have a situation on our hands.”  Nancy began, but she was interrupted.
“Yee-hooo!  This is what I’ve been waiting for!” a familiar voice said.
The elevator had stopped and we were greeted by a host of characters that looked like something out of Lord of the Rings mixed with Star Wars.  Some were definitely not human, but had glowing skin, eyes, or too many eyes, or any number of wild looking enhancements beneath their robes and armor.  They were all well-armed.  The one speaking to me was Enoch, and his eyes were full of zest and zeal.
“Enoch!  Who invited you to this shin-dig?!”  I said.
“Nancy and I have been conspiring since the residents started bailing.”  He said in his usual loud and boisterous tone.  “Too bad, they’re about to miss some of the coolest action!”
“That’s where you come in, Eva.  We don’t have a moment to lose, please, gentlemen, we’ve got a lot of work to do!”  Nancy led us into one of the War Halls, and I knew just down a corridor not far from here was the Throne for directing this craft, and several others like it that were joining in the battle.
I could see through the outer garage force fields the darkness and seething clouds of billowing red hatred boiling not far from where the ship was presently stationed.   Where the heck were we anyway!  It didn’t seem like normal space.
We sat and discussed things, but the meeting was rushed, as there were pressing emergencies happening even as we spoke.
“. . . and so that’s the jist of the plan, did you catch all of that?”  One of the Warrior Generals Nancy had commissioned said, standing in front of the multi-dimensional battle operations strategy screen.
“Hmm?  Oh sorry I was . . . ”  I stuttered, kicking Fredrick.  I whispered in his ear “you were taking notes, right??”
“Yes, Queen Captain!”
“Don’t call me that!”
The Warrior General motioned for us to rise, as there was obvious mayhem approaching the ship just outside.  “We will be relying on your intuition and divine connection in this battle, Madame Queen Captain”  and he gave a salute.
“I really wish they’d stop. . .”
A large flash of light through one of the ship exits made us hurry up a little more, and soon I was in the jewel-studded Throne Room of the StarLion.  I briskly stepped up to the throne, the living stones under my feet each illuminating and giving off gentle chime that was not at all unpleasant.  The Throne itself was alive, too, and interfaced directly with my spirit.
The entire room became transparent, and I could both see all the other ships in our flotilla as well as the enemy’s position very clearly just ahead.   In front of us was a large swirling gateway, with red and black billowing clouds, churning ominously.  I didn’t get the feeling it was happy we were here.  This was one of those interdimensional star-portals you often hear about, and it was nothing new, but this one was unique.  I just got the feeling deep within that this one was really really important.  The majority of the Enemy was trying to position itself around this gate, using the clouds as cover, and the rest had taken refuge behind the portal.
My spirit went to work, and by work, I mean extreme rest and relaxation.  I became the spirit of the craft itself, StarLion was me and I was it, and my legs arms and fingers and toes were the other battle cruisers we had working with us.  I directed these as a philharmonic conductor directs an orchestra, and what ensued was an incredible cacophony of forces chaotically jousting with each other.  Poison defiler missiles aimed at us were cleverly directed away by our host of Phoenix Single-Fighter craft we had at our disposal, and I had absolute trust in each and every pilot of those craft, many of which I had trained or recruited myself, from another distant Kingdom planet.
We sent our 5 swordships ahead into the blazing inferno of the portal itself, which had erupted during the fury of the fight.  These ships spun impossibly vast arcs into the space, making it clear what was ahead and the location of the enemy that was lying in wait just beyond the gate.  Our StarFishers rammed head on into some of the Enemy’s most powerful Destroyers, and fired point blank into their hulls, causing a brilliant show of burning, black charred toxicity leaking from the  wrecks as they sank into the abyss below.
“Go through the gates!   Let’s show’m a lesson!”  I exclaimed, and in we went.  It was utterly thrilling to be able to control an entire Armada of the finest Heavenly Ships available in the Kingdom with just your mind, and somehow I knew strategies I had never. . . known, and everything came utterly naturally to me.
There was some sort of distracting presence in the room, however which for a moment caused me to flinch, and the entire ship tilted when I did this.  “Who is there?”  I said,  shifting my view back to the room itself.  Enoch stood alone before my throne, absorbed in the battle.
“Just came to watch it play out! Don’t mind me!”  he said with a ridiculous grin.
“Why aren’t you out there helping?  Don’t you have a Dallas Ship to pilot?
“Annette is training with Dallas, which leaves me with nothing to use right now.”  He reasoned.
“Excuses!  Look I am trying to direct this entire fleet, and I don’t have time for this.   What about the Phoenix Fighters?  Just borrow one, we have thousands—”   I was cut off by a powerful rocking shudder that nearly caused me to fall off the throne.
“See what you’re making me do!”  I yelled at Enoch.  The throne room shifted view again to external layout, where we saw the chaotic mass jumble of this anarchy of spiritual atmosphere we had presently engaged.   The enemy was in total confusion, trying to out run us, but when I bent my mind over the cause of the jolt, I saw a massive whirlpool from which giant red lighting bolts came flooding out, striking our armor.  The ship was fine, but we were losing momentum, due to the hit.
“ALL UNITS, MAXIMUM BURN!”  I yelled, practically squeeled.  Not that I had to, but it was so much fun to say this.  All units would obey me even if I didn’t say anything.  I merely leaned my will forward and all the massive ships pummeled with my thoughts, and soon we were caught up with the enemy.  They had one goal in mind, apparently – a massive dark mountainous region covered in yet more grey and black churning clouds.  No way were we losing them to mere weather!
“That’s a Dark Swamp Stronghold up ahead, Ma’am!”  Enoch chimed in.  I was really getting tired of this man telling me things.   Didn’t he know who was in charge of this carrier?
“I know what it is, I’ve done my homework.”  Actually I didn’t, but it was an intense moment and I had little patience for Enoch’s sarcasm.
“Now you see why I didn’t want to join the fleet!   I wouldn’ t have a chance to counsel you, my leige!”  he said.
I gave an order for the rest of the fleet to go on ahead in pursuit, and annihilate the Enemy, then I stepped down off the Throne.
“Ok Mr. Smarty Pants!  You drive!”  I said, standing in front of Enoch.  I forgot how tall he was.   He gave me a look like “I can do this.”  and with a kind of drunken swagger stepped up into the throne.
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