Get Back Into the New Weapons!

(Jesus: ) I have asked you to learn to use the new weapons with greater skill and frequency. I have given you all the information you need through the weapon manual of My Word. These weapons are capable of mass destruction of the Enemy, and this is exactly what you need, because during these Last Days the Enemy will come at My children in greater numbers and with greater firepower than the world has ever known!
108. Sometimes it’s easy for you, My brides, to forget that these weapons of the spirit are just that: Weapons! They are to be used in combat to devastate the Enemy.
109. So when I say you should use the weapon of praise, I mean you’ll want to use it to actually fight and wound the Enemy. Refuse to take any more punishment‚ and instead take the battle to the Enemy.
110. When I say you should use the weapon of loving Me intimately, then I want you to use it to specifically counter the Enemy’s attacks. If loving Me intimately is the last thing you feel like doing, then that’s all the more reason to do it, and the victory will actually be greater and more damaging to the Enemy in the end.
111. When I ask you to use the weapon of prayer, I don’t just mean praying more often, but that you should be asking for prayer from others and getting down on your prayer bones when you are besieged. I want you to rebuke the Devil and his specific demons and imps by name. Get loud and angry at the Enemy if you need to.
112. When I ask you to use the keys, I mean that you should go on the offensive and hit the Enemy with the keys even before he has a chance to strike at you. Intersperse barrages of keys and key promises at the Enemy in your prayer and praise, and he will be overwhelmed.
113. When you use your weapons I want you to flaunt them in the face of the Enemy! Tell him you recognize you’re being attacked and that you are about to hit him hard with a specific weapon. For example‚ “Satan, I know these discouraging thoughts are attacks from you and your imps, and I will have nothing of it. I rebuke you right now in the power of the keys, and I want you to know that I’m going to keep sending key–power missiles your way to defeat you. I’m also going to go right now and ask for prayer, at which time I will rebuke you by name in the presence of others. Then, when I’m done, I’m going to fill my mind and mouth with so much praise you’ll run screaming!”
114. The Enemy has upped his offensive against My children‚ and so the only way to win is to do the same to him. A counterattack with My new weapons is the only way to get a quick and complete victory. And it has to be your own decision to use these weapons or they simply won’t be effective enough. In other words, you can’t just sit there in the depths of despair wondering why your shepherd or your mate isn’t noticing you and fighting your battles for you.
115. Yes, you need the help and support of your shepherds and your brethren, but you have to choose to fight yourself. It’s not enough to say you’re discouraged and then wallow in it until someone comes and encourages you. That may give you a temporary victory, but you can be sure the Enemy will be back and will pummel you further, unless you yourself have enough courage, humility, and faith to get up and fight the battle of your mind and heart.

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