Hell Dream

There was an ATM booth with a secret entry way into this mock-hell place, and I was about to go down the elevator after figuring out how to get it open, but at the last minute stepped out.  I was invited back to check out whatever else they had there but ended up driving my car all the way around this mountain to get to this place, and the road was really treacherous, it started to get harder and harder and was incredibly precarious, a dirt road and no longer cement.  I heard a voice saying that it was good I was taking my time to get to that place, as it was an indication I wasn’t about to jump right into Hell.  The Hell game was very laced with sarcastic comments and things, making you feel like you were in some kind of comedy.  It was obviously a joke but also seemed to carry some real weight, and maybe I dreamed this because of the twitter @S8n I’d looked at that someone had put into the Family group.

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    Interesting the dreams that we find coming our way. I plead the blood of Jesus over my dreams, and mind, myself, and my home, before going to sleep. Yet sometimes I still get the weirdest dreams. I can only at this point, guess as to why but I ofger wonder if it’s part of a purging process I’m going thru of crap accumulated over the years. I’ll keep asking the Father but until I get a definite unequivocable explanation I’ll just continue to pray that if it’s a cleanding process that it be thoroughly done so as to remain any vestiges of “strings the enemy can pull or manipulate.


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