Here's a Perfect Example as to Why The N.Y. Times is Imploding

By Michael Basham, May 31st 2014
Bilderberg.  Look at this article exposing the whole thing, getting right to the bottom of how our world leaders are committing treason behind everyone’s backs, and yet the NY Times is totally ignoring it.  This is real news.  This is reality.  And the biggest news should be “why does the most famous newspaper in the world stay silent before the biggest story in the world?”  And thus, they are going out of business, their stats are plummeting, and the same goes for CNN and MSNBC and many other old media organizations.  Long live the New Media!  This is the golden age  for journalism, should anyone have the guts to just face reality and report real news.  The NYT in their own assessment of themselves said that the reason they were imploding was because of a lack of web savvyness.   Well that’s a very shameful little self-shepherding there, Mr Big Shot NYT!   We give you .001 PTS for humility, at least it’s a little step in the right direction.
Meanwhile real media is taking you over and you know it, buster.  The future is here, now, and anyone who wishes to can simply pick up their iPhone and write Tweets about real issues that actually matter, make youtube reports, post blogs on the go just as I am doing, and just do what they can do to make a difference in their sphere of the community.  And hopefully you’ll do a good job and your reports will get out there and influence many.  But even if you’re doing so in obscurity, history will remember you as one of those people who stood on the right side.
Now we’re heading into a new era, and these cowardly Bilderberg people are terrified of how the world is turning against them.  In their last ditch attempt they will try and spy on everyone as best as they can, continue to dismantle Europe, decide future presidents, and perhaps even plan world wars to further their own agendas.  Yes this sounds like science fiction, but it’s reality, and it’s happening right now, this weekend.  But read the New York Times and you’d think that idiotic racial issues and transgender garbage are the most important thing happening in the world today!  It’s no wonder you’re a dead and rotting corpse, Times.   I hate to say this, but. . .  gosh, what’s the most cliche term we can use. . .   Your time has come, and the times have caught up with you. . .  it’s time you found the time to just admit it’s past the midnight hour in your race against the clock to cover up the timeliest matters.    OK that was enough.

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