Hidden Secrets of the “Second Temple” (R$E)

Awesome  video that explores a lot of the occult symbols and little spoken of verses regarding Herod’s Temple.

I never noticed that there is a cube in the center of a hexagram!  Saturn’s north pole might be connected to this ancient symbol and is probably used by the enemy somehow.

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  1. Brother Michael,

    I hope this note finds you well in Jesus Christ’s most Holy Name… And what I write you here, I pray that it is Messiah’s will and not mine.

    So, I use to follow this ( Round Saturn’s Eye ) – R$E channel a couple of years ago as with such related and hidden information placed in front of our faces, our subconscious. After hacking the mysteries as Messiah King led me through the rabbit hole, time was finished, as now was the Time to only focus on Him, His Majesty and Father God’s Kingdom. Thus, He has brought me up higher and removed me from studying anything related with such secret covenants and their deep underground companies.

    As you know the secret mystery schools and their instruction comes from the doctrines of demons, the fallen ones. And they are pushing the Philosophers’ Stone…

    Can you see the hand writing on the wall?

    R$E = RSE

    RSE = Ramth’s School of Enlightenment. They say: “At RSE you will learn grand knowledge and
    experience it so that the truth is awakened in you.” Hmmm, I ask what truth is awakened then that comes from the Tree of Knowledge???

    WARNING with the linked content below!!!



    “They shall not give ear to demons or suffer the doctrines of men to take my people captive any longer. The day of deliverance is come to my people and I shall bring them fully out from captivity of the doctrines of men, the doctrines of demons and the traditions wherein they have been bound.”

    Let us harken to His call for Jesus Christ is Here and Comes.

    Both the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” Anyone who hears should say, “Come!” And the one who is thirsty should come. Whoever desires should take the living water as a gift. –Revelation 22:17

    “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.
    She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue,” –Proverbs 31:25-26

    All Love in Yehoshua Ha Mashiach!

    1. Hello dear brother Jorge,

      Thanks so much for sharing this message from your heart. . . I have only followed RSE’s channel for a few months and really found his work on CERN to be quite provocative, however I have to agree with you that we must focus more on the Lord and His love, plus winning souls over researching into this dark occult stuff. We all tend to overdo it when we first find out about the Illuminati/ A.C. World Government that is arising. My hope is that we who are informed on these issues will also be able to detatch ourselves enough from it so that we can always minister to the King of Kings in the Spirit and literally be the Bride, the intimate one that He cherishes rather than spending so much time down in the gutter fighting monsters. Ive seen much more progress when I just communed in His love than when I over did it on Illuminati research. However this will be a battle as the world we live in is full of this garbage and we are wading through it… That website and sect are pretty creepy – do you think that RSE is a part of it? I think he’d rather want to expose something like that!

      1. Hi there brother Michael,

        You are very welcomed, and thank you for following up with me, as with everything you do. Indeed, I concur with you in what you are saying about communing with Messiah in His love, His vestal Love that keeps burning higher, taking us higher until Him, then to swim through and research the garbage as if this is really the season to be consumed with such stuff. Let us be focused to walk up rightly and splendidly for every good gift and blessings comes from Father God in Heaven, as the Mighty “I AM” showers His children, and son’s and daughters’ with love and blessings, and His knowledge and wisdom that pours from on high.

        Jeremiah 29:13 (KJV)
        13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

        Ok, R$E has already been thoroughly identified, thus we all need to pray for him and for everyone else-we pray for each other. First my spirit discerned the channel a time ago, later several individuals broke open his in-authenticities, and their YTube channels were consequently taken down, as with others they were sued and their exposes eliminated. That is what has been revealed to me and I walk on towards Jesus the Messiah, Yahushua ha Mashiach’s stronger livestock.

        All Love!

    1. This reminds me (just quickly repying here) I had a vision of us after the Millennium begins also having all the knowledge of the Temple and the symbology set forth in the OT for the rites and rules and law… I wonder how that’ll all play out! There are a lot of secrets hidden in the Bible that the Masons are also stealing. I just read Mark 12 about the head corner stone and had a revelation about that. OK anyway gotta run, brother, I do appreciate your diligent research and your reaching out with this stuff to another brother! May the Lord keep and bless you in all your endeavors.

      1. Oh my, revelations, discoveries and visions. It’s beginning to sound and more, and more like Signs, Wonders, and Miracles are manifesting… The Mighty “I AM” take you up higher and make thee light shine brighter brother Michael. How wonderful!

        Thank you!

        All Love and Peace in Messiah

  2. “And Time, Time is Ticking by and I can feel an explosion happening inside. People get ready Jesus is coming.”

    Saturn’s Cube Deception: R$E, A Victim CREATING more VICTIMS. Time To Repent!

    R$E Cube In Holies of Holies Deception: Just Answer The Question R$E!

    1. Interesting to note this, I will take a look when I’m freed up a little more. Sometimes I’m envious of those who have time to edit these fancy youtube research videos! However I’ve usually got a few minutes to grab here and there during my busy schedule. . . if it weren’t for people like you who share stuff with me I’d very likely remain uninformed on a lot of this stuff! However I do try to keep the unity of the brethren as much as possible and to avoid infighting unless there is outright spirit of antichrist/fake churchiness creeping in. I’ll give it a watch soon! BTW are you making youtube videos yourself, Jorge?

      1. Hmmm, I have not felt the urge to make any video production with via a YTube channel or the likes… Though, thank you brother for asking me.

        Yet, I am in as to what is taking place for a new breed of Christians is coming up, and True Followers of Christ are rising up as the Commander of Life is readying the Ascension Army. This is amazing to see when Heaven is touching so many. It is becoming apparent the revealing of the Wise church and that of the foolish church. The significance of this in Bible is given to those who understand the Parable of the 10 virgins, and to the church that anticipates entering into the Kingdom of GOD. Praise the Lord Messiah, for we are moving forward in a way that is fulfilling everything as He has decreed..

        King Messiah has shown us not to judge our brother and accuse him, let alone condemn him, even if the world condemns such a person we are not to throw, and cast one stone . “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you” {Matthew 5:44}.

        I know Christ Messiah is Purity in Love, and He specifically tells us to Love one another for ultimately He is Love, and yet who shall understand save he who is wise, and learned, and a lover of his Lord? If individuals are walking the way of Esau, and not like Jacob who received the Promise that was given to him, we are not to condemn those who are like Esau, for we can not know how Emmanuel is going to use those who are currently lost, and wondering in the wilderness, walking in circles and walking not righteously into His Promise Land. Father God does marvelous works that are beyond our human understanding, and I know that He is scattering seeds in secret, which will germinate abundant life during the great tribulation hour, for nothing will be lost. “Gather up the fragments that remain, so that nothing is lost.”{John 6;12}.

        Take hold and grasp this, and let us call onto the Lord, for everything is prepared, we reign with Him, for we are sons and daughters of a Living God.

        All Love!


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