Horus Heresy and the Illuminati

NOTES from Horus Heresy: “Descent of Angels” novel


6. Descent of Angels: loyalty and honour

Descent of Angels is a pre-Heresy story that introduces the Dark Angels Legion and their Primarch, Lion El’Jonson. It is told from the point of view of planet Caliban native Zahariel El’Zurias, originally an Aspirant of the Order (an organisation of techno-barbarian knights). The first half of the novel is set on Caliban and covers the final battles of the Order under the leadership of Lion El’Jonson, the future Primarch. The book’s second half describes Caliban’s unification with the Imperium of Man as well as the actions of the Dark Angels during the early years of the Great Crusade – the story ends about 50 years before the start of the Heresy. In the story’s second half, Zurias, selected as candidate Dark Angel, is accepted as a Neophyte Space Marine. A future schism within the Legion is intimated in this section of the book.


This book is a side story to the overall saga which parallells Satan’s rebellion against the Father in ancient times in Heaven.  I started reading it after reading James Casbolt’s testimony where he recommended this series as an expose on the Masons and Illuminati.

All of the books have secret societies and hidden orders which are exactly like the Masons, and give you an idea of what it must be like in and around these circles. 

However, Caliban (in this particular book) is seperated from the rest of humanity’s galaxy-wide empire, and they have a situation very similar to Earth’s.  So in this book things are laid out in a bit more of a pure format:  there are “Watchers,” and great beasts similar to the dragons of antiquity.

The book is divided into two parts: before and after their discovery by the rest of humanity, or the Empireum.  Then their finest soldiers are made into super soldiers (genetically enhanced “Astartes”) and begin to help fight interstellar wars for the Emperor…

The world they come to first in their campaign is infested by subterranean reptilian shape-shifters which sacrifice millions fo the humans on the surface to a demon god they are trying to manifest in this world. 

It seems that not only movies, but also books and video games are beginnign to expose a lot of the Enemy’s plots for the New WOrld Order’s establishment!

In this book and in all the others, constantly there is repeated mantra of ‘a new world order’ and ‘illumination’ scattered everywhere in key moments.  These people couldn’t be more obvious!  Once you learn a few of the signs, and symbols, things are made much clearer.

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