How 2 Save China 2018!

As a rogue missionary podcaster stationed between two military bases on a hill in the Republic of China, I hope to explore some of the new strategies and tactics that could be utilised in winning the Chinese to the Gospel.

After a year in Japan at Sophia University, the Lord opened a door for me to start a brand new life as a missionary working with the controversal and now almost defunct sect, the Children of God.  With a family background well grounded and established in foundational Christianity (and controversy), I had seen and engaged in various spiritual warfare scenarios through the legacy of my grandfather Don Basham who had worked with Derek Prince and Ern Baxter among many other great teachers and writers.   In my early 20’s I was eager to see the “cutting edge” of God’s Kingdom reaching the lovely and ancient and mysterious Chinese.   As mysterious as Japan had been in all its beauty, there was something about the Spirit of China that felt even more alluring, and finding that its history dates back 3,000 years older than even that of Japan’s, there was a sense of reaching into the heart of something primordial to the very development of the civilisation of the human race.

Life from that point onward has been nothing short of a giant war right outside your front door, with discoveries going all the way back to the earliest known records of human existence, to the supernatural miracle encounters and total meltdown of the mission organization and moral descent into outright crime.  In fact as I write this I am pulled between setting up a podcast tonight regarding Christian Mysticism, spirit travel and setting up local mission bases while standing by waiting for my lawyer to finish the last of any court mediation with criminal kidnappers who have committed perjury after abusing women and children. 

Far from George Mackay’s story of “laying his eyes upon the green hills and knowing he was destined to be a missionary to Taiwan,”   the theme song for real actual mission work goes more like the theme from the first Rambo movie: “It’s a long road. . . It’s a real war right outside your front door, I’ll tell ya! . . . is anybody winning? . . .   tell me what do you do to survive?  . . .  when they draw first blood thats just the start of it. . .  day and night you gotta fight to keep alive”

But this is all in the midst of more promotion and destiny and upgrading than I could have ever imagined.  The entire Bible now has come completely alive from the Patriarchs to Psalms to the adventures and challenges of the Early Church. 

To bring things back into the topic, I’d like to emotionally disengage from real actual warfare of boots-on-the-ground intrigue and endless distraction, mind games and manipulation of greedy so-called Christians and look at what is the big picture here.   Jesus was taken to a high mountain, shown all the kingdoms and nation sof the earth and told “all these will I give thee, if you would fall down and worship me. . . “  and Jesus did not dispute the fact that the nations were at that time in the hand of Satan.  Now we are entering into the period of time where “the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord.”   and the Satanists are having a fit.  One thing I’ve noticed whenever I pick up my phone to make contact with a new listener or fellow Christian fighter who is engaged in their own local Rambo battles is that it seems that everywhere war has broken out.  We hear of the Trump administration involved in heavy legal battles with liars and criminals trying to stop his mission, too.  Everything is connected and we cannot only single out one place and say “here is how to win China,” without considering all the other connected spheres and realms.   

The spiritual warfare will increase and more will fall away to the way side as the war gets more raw and the climate more intense.   Of His Kingdom and government there will be no end, and China will be one of those nations He will come to claim as His own.  How are we going to do this in this day and age when you find the average American sees “missionary work in China” and thinks about an Asian man in a rice farm with his water buffalo and ducks?  The elephant in the room here is this:  that you can start to reach China today with your cell phone.  Almost all the Chinese are online, but the great digital firewall of China is keeping them disconnected from those of us who primarily use google and facebook.  New efforts need to be made such as Fringe Panda Podcasting with other websites and blogs to surpass this.

Why would Chinese want to talk to you, you ask?  Because they are all interested in learning English, and not just textbook English but conversational English, and not just any conversational English, but conversational English with a Westerner.  So in the limited 2nd Heaven sector, we have the ability for many of us to start to reach China through online English conversational practice.   This may also become a source of income for those who are good at conducting a class over a skype chat.  Imagine if you had an army of internet missionaries in the West linking up to the near 1 billion Chinese people and boldly sharing their faith with them as they taught English?  Unlike the Anti-God public school system in most Western countries, Asians are usually very respectful of other’s religions as long as you share them where appropriate and incorporate those Bible stories into your classes in a way that jive with the rest of the conversation or lesson.

So that’s just some rough sketching of 2nd Heaven Internet land witnessing.  How about the 3rd Heaven, though?   This is where the next layer of our Mystic vision comes into play.   Here is the introduction my wife and I wrote earlier today when considering the best options for winning Asia Land:

“ To understand mission work in Taiwan, there are many factors that need to be considered from its multicultural roots and historical background. Some of the traditional methods of missionary work, although successful in other countries, have not been so effective in Taiwan. 

Specifically, because the Taiwanese culture is so firmly rooted in traditions that are tied to their eastern religions it has been very hard to break through to them.  Previous attempts to evangelize  the Han Chinese in Taiwan have been unsuccessful, with the closest attempts historically

being those that respected and incorporated the cultures traditions into their evangelistic method.

     Part of the big issue that the Chinese have with Christianity is that they cannot fathom restrictions on their core practice of praying for their ancestors..  If new evangelists were to employ a method such as Figurism, where they allowed the Chinese to still pray for their dead and to accept Christianity, we might have greater success reaching them with the gospel. Also, because the Chinese are so intertwined with the supernatural, they really need an evangelistic method that allows them to also involve non-typical western Christian methods that are usually criticised as “Mystic or New-Age” such as receiving prophecy, spirit travel and acceptance of angelic visitations and visions.  In this way the traditions and foundations of Chinese culture would be more harmoniously symbiotic with the living true essence actual Biblical Christianity.

Heavy regard has to be made in the traditions of Chinese culture when evangelizing them, as when they choose to accept the Gospel they have to have their ancestors regarded also, as a key part of the decision to receive Christ.”

After showing the above to my Taiwanese missionary friend Natalia Hikaru, I received this reply:

哈! 一直都是,福音從古至今都不變,只是很多時候人遠離福音的單純性,不願意聆聽順服 耶穌的教導,總愛偏行己意,也引誘他人偏離,還好若是真認識 神,便知道我們也只有一個共同的仇敵,但可惜的是很多人被騙而不自知,但感謝 主耶穌為我們每一個孩子所作的,我的羊聽我的聲音, 神必看顧及引領每個寶貴的孩子,走當行的道路。


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