How TFI Became “Just Another Church”
It’s time to face reality. The Formerly Revolutionary Children of God AKA Family International has now gone the way of all church, and become just another churchy denomination. I write this with sadness, but it’s something that needs to be said. In the meantime, GIVE ME YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!!
In other words, like Jacob and Ishmael, I am looking at that very nice fancy Birthright you’ve got sitting there, and if you want to trade it for a mess of pottage (this world’s system and riches and popularity and acceptance) then that’s a fine trade!
I’ve been around the churches and I know the poverty that exists there, and I’ve seen the emptiness wealthy people also have, and I’d trade that in for the Mantle of David any day. The Revolution for Jesus continues, although perhaps underground.   In any case, the leadership somehow zombified and seems to have taken control of the official title and name of “TFI” but really it’s obvious that this is now just another church, as stodgy and as empty as the Lutherans or the Catholics, and perhaps even more so. But I won’t waste any time arguing with them anymore, just like I wouldn’t dare waste time at seminary wasting precious time and energy arguing with those establishment professors about the existence of supernatural wonders.
As the X MEN Days of Future Past movie shows, there is a fail-safe mechanism to save this “School of Mutants.” It’s called the Key of David, and the MO Letters. (In the movie the future version of Professor Xavier sends Wolverine back in time to go and wake up his past self to reassemble the mutants.)
Is reassembly required? I don’t know. All I know, is that I want to follow the Spirit of God today and I want to use the New Weapons and continue to seek out New Wine! Remember, “The Letters are the Leaders!” –and contain a blueprint for carrying on the Revolution at all costs.

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  1. Interesting comments you make Michael.. well one thing is for sure, the revolution is still going forward through your personal ministry and website Michael, seems you provide a lot MO Letters and other fascinating spiritual teachings on here. I’m becoming addicted to your website, so much fascinating information on here you share. Cool comparison to X men, I loved that movie series, the new wolverine origin movie rocked.


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