how you can keep the Enemy and his little agitators on the run

You need not fear that pride will overcome you, but face it! Go on the attack! You’ve done so in asking for help and for prayer, and now you must continue attacking. Keep attacking the Enemy every day before he has a chance to attack you. Even when you feel things are going pretty okay, that’s the time to go on the attack!
16. All My children who would fight through and win in this day must take the attacking initiative! Keep hitting him with the new weapons of praise and prayer and hearing from Me. Keep alive and active by hearing My fresh instruction for you personally every day. In this way I am able to guide you and keep you moving and changing from day to day, so that the Enemy will never know what you’re going to do next.
17. This is how you can keep the Enemy and his little agitators on the run. For as you keep listening and pulling down My instruction for you personally, I will lead you on how to attack that day. I will show you where to launch the attack that day, in that moment, for I know the position of Satan. I know his plans and how he will try to fight you, and I am able to guide you around his traps. I’ll show you when and where and what is needed–what method to use, where you need to hit him back that day–and this will keep you leaps and bounds ahead of Satan and all his imps.
18. Use variety in your times with Me, utilizing many means to pray and praise and listen to Me, so that the Devil will never know what you’re going to do next, or what you’re going to do to put him on the defensive! Keep launching an attack and hit him where it hurts so he doesn’t have time or opportunity to counterattack.
19. As I have made you in the physical, My love, so is the spiritual–you grow weak from sitting still. If you miss your exercise, you grow weak and tired and on edge. Even so, if you settle down and fail to stay active and on the move in the spirit, you will grow weak and tired in spirit, and this opens the door for the Enemy to attack you.
20. As the war escalates, it is imperative that you stay constantly on guard. You must not take your armor off. Where once it was a good idea to always take the attacking initiative, in this day it has become more than a good idea–it’s a matter of life or death! Therefore you must stay on the attack if you want to overpower the Enemy instead of him overpowering you.
21. One of the best ways to attack the Enemy is through your use of the new weapons I have given you–by praising Me, even aloud, loving Me intimately, and hearing My Words of help, guidance, strength and comfort! These weapons leave no room for the Devil’s lies and evil devices! One way to hit him head-on when you are hit with a negative thought, with a criticism, with a doubt, is to immediately take that thought to Me and either turn it into a praise–by praising Me for My goodness and My deliverance and My overcoming power–or immediately ask Me about it, and let Me expose what a lie it is! Taking the offensive like this with the new weapons not only defeats the Devil but strengthens you tremendously!
22. Take the attacking initiative before the Enemy attacks you! Preempt the Devil and set him back on his heels. Constantly rock him and sock him and send him spinning, punch by punch, blow by blow, blast after blast! This is why I give My children these new weapons of war, that they may launch out, always on the offense–that they may strike first, wielding devastating blows to the Enemy through surprise attacks! Hit him hard! Hit him head-on! Hit him high! Hit him low! And most of all, hit him constantly! (End of message from Jesus.)

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