I have left the facebook building…

It is with great pleasure that I tell you that I am no longer tied to Mark Zuckerberg and his evil facebook website.  Just kidding…but the part about deactivating my facebook account is true! I am no longer there so anyone pretending to be me…isn’t me.

The show will continue in Boston and I may post weekly updates (which have been lacking since I was spending wasteful hours on facebook, debating people I should not have been wasting the keystrokes on) at my blog , www.brucedcollins.blogspot.com Email me anytime: [email protected]

Many people are addicted to Facebook. I, at least, am honest enough to know when enough is enough.  The misinformation, unqualified expertise in facebook can be stifling so I may as well just live free of all that. Why not? I never did this for money or fame…God provides the outlet.

It is enough.

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