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(Jesus:) I have used the term “weapon” to describe these gifts because they are powerful against the Enemy and his inroads and attacks. They could also be called “tools,” because they serve to shield you from the Enemy’s poisons‚ to heal, to transform hearts, to create new life, and to strengthen and empower you and others to do mighty exploits.
174. So while they are very destructive to the Enemy, they are also very positive, strengthening‚ and regenerative to you and your spirit when you use them. The word “weapons” sometimes conjures up a negative connotation of pain and suffering. And while that is the case for the Enemy whenever you use this spiritual firepower, they also have great positive transformation power for you and those around you who are touched by them.
175. The weapons of the spirit can only be used skillfully as you make them a part of you. They can never become a truly useful and effective tool if you are trying to use them without fully integrating them into your very being. But many do just this. They try to use love, unity, trust, and selflessness as they would a sword or a gun, picking it up only when it suits their purpose and operating it to fulfill their plans and satisfy their wants and needs.
176. What you must understand is that I am calling you to something far greater, something which will require the sacrifice of your own selfish ways and desires, to make these weapons so much a part of you that they are integrated into every thought‚ every feeling, every fiber of your being.
177. They must become so much a part of you that they become your motivation and your desire, so that every action is based on and motivated by My Spirit through these tools. These weapons of the Law of Love and the weapon of brotherhood are each unique‚ yet they are one. When you make them a part of you, they blend together to become one weapon of unlimited power.
178. The Enemy’s cheap, counterfeit images of bionic men are his twisted versions of what you, My powerful ones, will become in the spirit. Your power is for good, but you too must become so integrated into these spiritual weapons that they become a part of you in every way.
179. In this sense, these weapons blend together in you to create a power and force that nothing can stop or resist. In order to use the weapon of the Law of Love and the weapon of brotherhood, you must abandon the selfishness, pride, and laziness of your own human nature. Then these weapons are activated and you are able to use them in all their power for My glory.
180. You will be able to go far beyond anything man has ever accomplished before, because it will not be the nature of man doing it‚ but My nature in you through these weapons that will destroy evil, defeat Satan, and bring light, life, love and power to one another, to yourself‚ and to all those you touch.

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