I will go to the Spirit. Any Who Are Interested, JOIN ME!

Now where was I?  My life is so busy, I get mixed up, both in my spiritual life (which is busy) and my physical life (which is also busy) so I am a busy man, but I am a happy man.  
Today I took a nap, or tried to, while listening to some old MO Letters.  Actually they are new to me, for I have never heard them before.  There’s almost 4,000 of them, and though they are wordy and superfluous, they are still inspiring and inspired.  I am trying to make this blog into a collection of some of the key ones pertaining to the ever pertinent “New Weapons” of the Spirit World which are listed in the above columns.  I think most people today are also too busy to even read through those, which is why I have now vowed to take a dip from my daily cup of each, and make a posting of their entirety.  In otherwords, I will try to post a blurb each day or other day of quotes coming from each New Weapon, both for myself and for others.
In the meantime, my own spiritual adventure awaits, and how I long to travel those new roads!  I am a Meat Eater.  I don’t like to drink milk.  I have been through my babe’s course, and I have drunk my milk in bucket loads.  Milk means basic Salvation-Level Christianity.  I don’t want that.  I thinks we’re all sick of church.  Like the cave dream I had recently, with a guy talking about ‘you should go to church!’ and meanwhile I knew there were these giant caves to be discovered, which when I woke up I knew to be the books “The Cave of Treasures” and “The Book of Jasher” (being a couple of Apocrypha).  I want to explore those caves rather than go to some guy’s church!  Curse them all!  For they are cursed.  Church of the future will be House Church.  Underground, secret.  You of the World probably won’t know about the Church of the Future in its Intimacy, because it’ll be tucked away in little offices after hours, or people’s living rooms of which you are unaware.  That is because Real Church will be Outlawed.  I want to be an Outlaw like Jesus was.  I want to be an Outlaw like Jesus Is.  
Pioneering is for the True Christian New Wine Drinking Meat Eater.  I don’t’ know what’s up with the Family these days. . . word on the street says they’re going to announce “the future of the Famil” which is great, whatever that is.  I don’t expect the leadership of today to do much.  I know however, that big things are coming to this world, and that the New Weapons, and the revelations received by the Family are going to be among the Great Answers that God is going to give His Endtime Church.  Hopefully the Family will get back on ball with its own doctrines again.  In the meantime, why wait?  Take those forsaken mantles, and run with them!  There are thousands of forsaken “Mantles of David” and if you have the faith for them, you are welcome to take them.  Are you one of the forsakers?  Then I will gladly take yours.  there may be thousands or even hundreds of thousands or even millions who are willing to become Children of David, so called.
Enough!  I will go to the Spirit.  Any who are interested, join me.  There are no impossibilities there, and the more time goes by the more gets confirmed.  All the New Wine has already been confirmed.  You better get with the program, because the future is leaving without you.  This boat is going on, to another mountain!  Where, I do not know.  The Holy Spirit is in charge.  
Blessings!  So long!  Farewell!  I am praying for you!

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